Zealios v2 switches

Unlike clicky switches, tactile switches provide excellent feedback with minimal noise. If you enjoy tactile buttons, you’ll enjoy Zealios v2 as well. If you are new to these switches and have no idea about their price and features, then you’ve landed at the rightmost place to learn about the Zealios v2 switches and their review. Let’s get started!!

What are Zealios v2 switches?

The Zealios v2 is a tactile switch from Zeal PC with a bump than the original Zealios. These switches can get mounted on a PCB. The bottom-out force of the Zealio v2 gets classed as 62g, 65g, 67g, and 78g. The RGB lighting keyboard on the Zealio v2 gets enhanced by a translucent casing.

Zealios v2 Review

For those who prefer tactile switches on mechanical keyboards, the Zealio v2 is a fantastic choice. The tactile buttons are quieter than the clicky blue switches. When you push the key, though, they have a tactile bump. The toggle will give you a noticeable feedback response.

In places like workplaces, where tactile switches can get employed, clicking switches are not always the best option. The Zealios v2 is an advance from the original Zealio switch, with a snappier and more tactile feel. It’s available in four different versions, each of which is differentiated by the switches’ bottom-out force.

  • 62g Zealio v2

These switches are the smallest of the Zealio v2 lineup. The smaller the lowest part pressure, the further natural the knocks on the buttons.

  • 65g Zealio v2

The following Zealio v2 has an underside pressure of 65 g. The button is fast and haptic. It also has padding at the base of the switch, which keeps it pleasant.

  • 67g Zealio v2
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In mechanical switches, the 67 g Zealio v2 is likewise an excellent choice. This switch provides very responsive feedback. You would enjoy typing for a long time.

  • 78g Zealio v2

The spring bottom-out force of the 78g Zealio v2 is the strongest. When compared to the Holy Pandas, it has a big tactile bump.

Are Zealios V2 switches good?

The Zealios v2 gets designed for tactile switch enthusiasts. They feature excellent feedback and no pretravel, which improves the switch’s typing experience.

What are the Zealio v2 switches created for?

Before investing in these switches, it’s important to know about their area of use. Tactile switches, such as the Zealio V2, are ideal for:

  • Creators of Content

The Zealios switches, which are incredibly haptic, would provide a terrific experience for content creators. As a result, while you type, every click is pleasurable.

  • Gamers

Clicky switches get preferred by gamers but with less noise to avoid disrupting the gaming experience. The tactile feedback on the Zealio v2 is fantastic, and the bump you receive with each keypress is excellent.

  • Programmers

If you’re a programmer, you’ll enjoy coding on these switches as well. The Zealios v2 would improve typing speed and enjoyment by providing haptic feedback.


Zealios v2 is a promising haptic mechanical switch by Zeal PC. Zeal PC’s buttons are fantastic in every way. I also enjoy the Healio v2, which is linear in design. Brown switches, as well as any other tactile switches, could be replaced with Zealio v2. They are, in our opinion, one of the best tactile switches available.

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