Increasing numbers of people want to know the solution to the “you are sleeping and you are hungry” mystery. It has a lot of fans!

From the perspective of the year 2020, it seems that many people were forced to spend more time at home than ever before.

Inevitably, lots were pushed to take up new hobbies and do things they wouldn’t typically do, or rather, wouldn’t do as often. Riffs were a savior, among gardening, cooking, and marathoning TV box sets.

Some opted to share riddles and puzzles on social media, with specific examples proving particularly popular.

It’s true that riddles are still popular, and one has even gained traction in recent times. So, let’s get the “you are sleeping and you are hungry” riddle answer revealed.

The whole riddle is as follows, followed by the solution:

Riddle: You are sleeping and you are hungry, you have butter, cheese and baloney in the fridge. What will you open first?

Don’t just click “next” without giving it some more thinking beforehand.

Can’t seem to get it?

Not to worry, though! There are a variety of variants in respect to the puzzle, but the answer remains the same.

” your eyes”  is the answer.

While you are sleeping, your eyes will be the first thing to awake, followed by the rest of your body.

People are often duped into thinking that opening the fridge first is in their best interest when they are actually just trying to satisfy their hunger.

Before you can find your way to the kitchen and get nibbling, you obviously have to wake up first and open your eyes.

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By naming the contents, the developer of the riddle tries to throw you off, encouraging you to think which item of food you’d go for first to construct a snack.

But it’s actually quite easy!

Is it beneficial to figure out puzzles?
Due to the overwhelming amount of bad news about the Corona Pandemic, yes, solving puzzles is a healthy mental exercise. This is because understanding a riddle requires one to exercise their brain and helps reset their state of mind.

Can you make up a puzzle by yourself?
Yes, that could work. If you want to make up your own riddle, it’s best to think of the solution first. Make use of allegory and hints.

what is it about riddles and puzzles that are so popular at the moment?

Due to the lockdown and the widespread spread of Corona, there is nothing to do but sit about and mope. This explains why people are using their spare time to engage in social media challenges and spread riddles as a means of combating boredom.

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How to play Lewdle?

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