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XRP News Today Nov 2022, 421 million XRP were traded while the price increased by 15% over the course of the week.

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Current Events Regarding XRP: Ripple’s native cryptocurrency XRP is one of the few that has increased in value despite the general market downturn. SEC versus. Ripple lawsuit is one of the drivers of this uptick. Crypto whales have been encouraged to increase their holdings of XRP following case-related information.

Do whales have a role in XRP’s success?

According to Whalestats, the largest crypto “whales” traded almost 421 million XRP during the price increase. In the past day, whales have traded almost $170 million worth of XRP.

Large investors bought 139 million XRP from the Bitstamp cryptocurrency exchange, which is equivalent to almost $56 million at the time of this writing. The largest accumulation transaction on the same platform involved the addition of XRP tokens worth $24.3 million.

162.5 million XRP

However, 162.5 million XRP (about $65.1 million) were transferred by a whale from an untraceable wallet. It appears from this purchase that the whale is patiently awaiting the arrival of some promising XRP-related news.

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Over the past week, the value of XRP has risen by more than 15%. At the time of publication, the stock was trading at a mean price of $0.41. While most other coins had red indexes on Friday, the XRP price rose by 9 percent. Despite being challenged in court by the SEC, Ripple’s native cryptocurrency has maintained a market valuation of over $20.4.

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