Online games are fun until you are at risk of hacking. Sometimes, you could be engaged in an online game room and find yourself sharing the space with a potential hacker. Unless you are using a highly secure VPN system, chances are that you will struggle with the risks of getting your IP address exposed to other prying eyes.

DDoS attacks and booted user experiences can hamper the gameplay sessions. This means that all your credentials and information are out in the open for the hackers to get into. Sounds like one’s truest nightmare, doesn’t it?

To protect your IP address and your login terms from the prying eyes on the internet, there are several alternatives you can look into.

What is the purpose of xResolver?

Unless you are a gaming enthusiast, you likely won’t know the purpose of xResolver and what it is used for. Technically, it is an open database service that tags the IP addresses of the users playing online using their varying gaming consoles.

You might think that these platforms function illegally. However, that isn’t the case at all. The information available on these platforms are open-sourced and are technically legal since the gamers have full knowledge that they are sharing their IP address publicly when they are engaging in an online game.

If you are a frequent gamer and tend to spend the majority of your day tackling different types of online games, having your IP address exposed to the public can be risky.

Can the hackers get hold of your IP address while gaming?

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Several online tools are used by hackers to pick up different IP addresses on the internet. This is effectively used more, especially when they are playing games online.

These online tools are programmed in a way to decode and decrypt the IP address, allowing the online hackers to have complete free reign over the personal information of the users. Once the IP addresses are retrieved, the IP addresses are then added to open sources databases like xResolver.

Is it important to protect your IP address?

Not many individuals realize this but IP addresses are very important to conceal. Hackers cannot just hack into your system and cause a ruckus; there are also the impending risks of getting into your personal finance details accessed by these hackers.

Especially during online gaming, people can avenge their losses. So, to take revenge, a player can seamlessly get access to your IP address and then misuse it to the worst extent. Using the IP address, the hackers can send in a multitude of unwarranted and unnecessary communication traffic to slow down your system and make the worst out of the user experience.

You might think that this happens to the system of popular gamers or other rich and well-known people only. However, that isn’t the case at all. It happens to ordinary people more than it happens with the well-known celebrities that you come across.

Should I get my IP address blacklisted?

Yes, this is a sort of business that several of the websites like xResolver has started. Since these IP addresses are public knowledge, having them open-sourced on their platform isn’t illegal. This is something xResolver knows and takes advantage of.

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So, in case you want to blacklist your IP address and keep it out from the prying eyes, you need to avail yourself of their premium service. However, the downside to this issue is that websites like xResolver are available in abundance on the internet.

Make sure that you play with caution when you are playing games online. Using VPNs is often the best and the most foolproof way.

How to blacklist the IP address on xResolver?

Now that you have a basic idea about xResolver and what it does, we must focus on the involved steps to blacklist the IP address flashing on the platform. As we said, you need a premium account to be able to blacklist your IP address and tag on the platform.

Here’s how you can do it.

  • Open your browser and navigate to xResolver’s official website and hit the Gamertag.
  • The gamer tag is what reverts the IP address of your device to you.
  • Once you have the IP address, you can open OctoSniff
  • Under that, you need to purchase 500 pints to access the platform’s tools to blacklist the IP address
  • Check your message box for the unique key
  • Copy the xResolver blacklist IP link
  • Under that, add the key you secured into the point section
  • Claim the points and scroll down to find the Miscellaneous tag
  • Under that, find the Blacklist option and blacklist your username and IP address.

The process can seem complicated, especially if this is your first time navigating through the entire process. However, following the steps should be pretty easy for you.

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How do I change my IP address?

Well, there are several different ways in which you can change the IP address, all of which vary depending on the system or the OS you are using. The process or steps are different in macOS as it is on Windows or even Android for that matter.

There are customizable IP address settings that are available under the Settings section in each device that the users can rightfully configure. However, doing this every time you play a game online can be a little tiring and too complicated.

Instead, switch to a paid version of the VPN to sort out the issues for you without any kinds of complications in the process.


Having your IP address logged on xResolver can be an issue with your privacy. Following these steps and the easy processes can make it a lot easier for you to conceal your IP address and not worry about having all your private information surfaced on the internet for hackers to get access to. We hope this article helps you sort out the issue without issues.

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