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When it comes to interpreting, Xavier Deltell has skills that are out of this world, and he always knows what to do. Santiago Segura, one of the directors he has worked with, really appreciates all he does to make filming go faster and better.

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Because Xavier Deltell is a professional, she can adapt to different types of movies, like comedies. This is why she has been in so many movies over the course of her career.

Xavier Deltell has a degree in Law and Social Graduate from college. In 1975, he started his career in the media as a comedian on a radio station in Barcelona called Cadena Cope. In several shows on the Ser network, he began to stand out as a showman. He went from radio to TV, where he worked with Toni Clapés on “Efecto Secundario” on TV3. Since then, he has worked with different TV shows as a comedian and a host of comedic shows.

In which Film did Xavier Deltell works?

Year Movie Character Director Gender Duration
2000 Operation Gonad Francisco Franco Daniel Amselem Comedy 1h 28m
2005 Torrent 3: The Protector Linares Safe Santiago black comedy 1h 37m
2011 Torrent 4: Lethal Crisis Torrelavega Safe Santiago Comedy/Action 1h 33m
2014 Torrent 5: Operation Eurovegas Torrelavega Safe Santiago Comedy/Action 1h 45m


When Xavier Deltell did Theater?

  • Comedy Zoo. (2012)
  • Let go, let go. (2012)
  • And if not, we get angry. (2013)
  • One plus one is not two (2002) with Carlos Latre

Xavier Deltell Social Media Connectivity to Its Fans

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Xavier Deltell Twitter: https://mobile.twitter.com/xavierdeltell

Xavier Deltell Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/xdeltell/

Xavier Deltell Lonkedin: https://es.linkedin.com/in/xavier-deltell-87661413

Xavier Deltell Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/showmalditascanciones/

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