An upcoming third Wonder Woman film with Patty Jenkins at the helm and Gal Gadot in the lead has reportedly been scrapped by Warner Bros. The Hollywood Reporter quotes unnamed sources saying the movie “is not going ahead and is considered dead in its present version.”

This change occurs as new DC Studios co-chairs and co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran finalise their strategy to reinvigorate and restructure DC’s presence in film and television. The Hollywood Reporter states that the two will soon pitch their idea to Warner Bros. David Zaslav, CEO of Discovery, next week. Jenkins was supposedly given direct feedback that her picture would no longer be considered for release.

On Tuesday, Gadot uploaded an Instagram selfie of herself dressed as Wonder Woman, suggesting that she was uninformed that the film had been scrapped. She concluded by saying, “Can’t wait to share her next chapter with you.” “I’ve been so thankful for the chance to portray such a fantastic, legendary role,” she added.

Wonder Woman, which debuted in 2017, is widely considered to be one of DC Comics’ most successful big-screen adaptations. However, commercial reception to the sequel Wonder Woman 1984 was mixed, and it failed to live up to the success of its predecessor.

But according to a fresh revelation from insiders close to the director of the first two films, Patty Jenkins, the reality is far different from what went viral on networks, as reported by The Wrap.

Studios haven’t completely written off the “Wonder Woman” series, and Gal Gadot is still signed on to star.

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