If there is no 5G network, it is useless to buy a smartphone that supports 5G. Indian telecom operators have not officially confirmed when to launch 5G networks. The continuing pandemic slowed the situation. DoT has just started 5G testing. In some cities in India. This means that even if 5G is launched in India at any time by the end of this year, few cities will adopt it first, and it will take some time to launch it in India.

Most people use it for 15 months. In the best case, you might have to replace your smartphone after two years (ie, 24 months). In the best case, you can use the same smartphone for three years. Given this pandemic, there is little hope that major cities in India will get 5G connectivity by 2024. Therefore, if you have to wait to use 5G, it doesn’t make much sense to buy a 5G-enabled smartphone in 2021 to prepare for the future.

As India approaches 5G networks, 5G mobile phones are becoming cheaper and cheaper. After all, the era when all smartphones support 5G will finally come. Therefore, if you want to plan carefully, you may want to continue buying your first 5G smartphone. At least in the initial stage, the cost of 5G cellular tariffs will be higher than 4G data tariffs. Therefore, if you plan to buy an affordable 5G smartphone right now, you are likely to stick to a 4G plan based on monthly fees.

When buying a 5G smartphone in India, please pay attention to the supported 5G frequency bands. Therefore, if you plan to travel after the pandemic improves, make sure to choose the right smartphone by looking for the 5G frequency band. 5G support is all about connection. Don’t forget that in the absence of a 5G network, games load faster on 5G smartphones. In addition, 5G support has nothing to do with the performance of smartphones.

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When 5G networks are introduced in India, smartphone battery life will become an issue. Therefore, if you want to prepare for the future in 2021 by buying a smartphone that supports 5G, you still have to switch smartphones. Mobile phones will deteriorate with the extension of battery life. over time.

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