The protagonist of Who’s a Good Boy, an upcoming Netflix film about young people, enters his senior year of high school determined to lose his virginity before graduation, and we see him struggle to achieve this goal.The protagonist of Who’s a Good Boy, Chema, is a teenager on a mission: he must date Claudia, the new girl at school, and become Claudia’s virginal classmate by the conclusion of the school year. Will he have time to realise his goal before he graduates?

Who’s a Good Boy Release date

On November 23, 2022, Who’s a Good Boy will premiere on Netflix for instant viewing.

Who’s a Good Boy Cast

Sebastian Dante, Yankel Stevan, Grettell Valdez, Sirena Ortiz, Harold Azuara, Diego Meléndez, Luisa Guzmán Quintero, and Adrián Vásquez are among the actors featured in the Ihtzi Hurtado film.

Who’s a Good Boy Cast trailer and story plot

The film’s teaser trailer opens with Chema’s pals expressing concern for him, as he has never been able to initiate physical contact with a female. They accuse him of sexual misconduct, but he says he has touched a girl, just not in the manner they would have liked.

Despite the mounting pressure from his classmates, he seizes the opportunity to introduce the new girl at school, Claudia, to his favourite spots. And Claudia is the kind of stunning woman he would want to go on a date with and eventually let take his virginity. But this simply makes his buddies laugh at him since she is so much out of his league in terms of looks.

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His uncle, with whom he has a strong bond, suddenly joins the scene, and he begins to unload all of his anxieties on him. Soon, Claudia is pleading for his assistance and leaving clues all over the place, prompting him to put in extra effort to grant her request.

As a result of her friend-zoning him, however, Chema quickly realises that he is no longer more than a pet to her. Now he will stop at nothing to get Claudia as his girlfriend, and his uncle will be there to support him every step of the way.

Will Chema be successful in his objective as he begins a new day with renewed fervour, or will he die a virgin and Claudia’s dog? Let’s all wait for the premiere of this adolescent drama film, which is sure to satisfy all our curiosity cravings, to find out more about this.

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