Who Was Yrma Lydya Mexican Singer, 21, Shot Dead By Husband Why Was She Killed

Yrma Lydya, a well-known Mexican singer, was shot to death. According to the reports, her 79-year-old husband Jesús Hernández Alocer killed her at a restaurant. Yrma was only 21 at the time of her death. The shocking incident happened on Thursday, June 23, 2022. Officials stated that the musician’s husband shot her thrice. Needless to say, the news has shaken her fans and loved ones to the core. Everyone is expressing their sadness about her tragic death on social media. Find out what happened to her and why her husband killed her.

Who Was Yrma Lydya Mexican Singer, 21, Shot Dead By Husband Why Was She Killed

The lawyer shot Lydya three times, according to Mexico’s security minister Omar Garca Harfuch. Alcocer and another female companion were taken into custody after the shooting. Witnesses reported seeing a gray-haired man and a young woman get into a fight. After the altercation, the man shot the woman; it was later discovered that the man’s name was Alcocer and the woman was his wife, Lydya.

Who Was Yrma Lydya?

Soon after the incident, paramedics went to the restaurant and attempted to save Yrma Lydya, who apparently had no vital signs. Gunshot wounds caused the Mexican singer’s death. The singer’s 79-year-old husband attempted to escape in his car but was apprehended by police. Alcocer even attempted to buy off the police to avoid being apprehended. It’s important to remember that Alcocer has also been charged with extortion in the past.

Yrma Lydya, who was born in 2001, was a well-known actress, dancer, and musician. Yrma was the daughter of Carlos Quinones, who founded Group Radio Comunicaion, SA in 1960 and is regarded as one of Mexico’s most prominent industrialists. She reportedly became interested in music at a very young age, according to sources. The singer wasn’t a very well-known name at first. But when she was given the opportunity to perform at an event alongside Sonora Dinamita of Lucho Argain, she received her biggest break.

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During the national holidays, Lydya made an appearance on the special edition of the Canal de las Estrellas. Additionally, she appeared on Bandamax, Reventon Musical, and Noche con Carlos Cuevas. Later, she received invitations to take part in a few concerts from the GranDiosas cast.

Throughout her career, Lydya worked with numerous artists, and the Mexican Chamber of Deputies even awarded her the National Culture Award. Before she passed away, she was singing at Grandiosas, a concert that also featured well-known vocalists like Alicia Villarreal and Mara Conchita Alonso. Follow for more updates.

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