Who Was Gregory Jein What Was Star Trek Icon Cause Of Death As He Dies Aged 76

Gregory Jein, a renowned Hollywood artist and model maker who contributed to classic science fiction films like Star Trek and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, has passed away. Age-wise, he was 76. According to a representative for Jein’s family, he had a lengthy history of health problems, including diabetes, and passed away on May 22nd. Jein’s passing has been kept a secret by the family up until this point. With ideas for a Klingon battle cruiser for Star Trek: Phase II, the follow-up to The Original Series that was never broadcast on television, Jein’s involvement with Star Trek began in 1977.

Who Was Gregory Jein What Was Star Trek Icon Cause Of Death As He Dies Aged 76

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Gregory Jein, who was born on October 31, 1945, completed his schooling at Cal State Los Angeles after attending Dorsey High School and Audubon Junior High. In the 1970s, Jein produced miniatures for use in special effects for a variety of movies and television shows. He began his work by creating models for the sex comedy film Flesh Gordon from 1974. Though he continued to work on movies, TV shows, and advertisements, Close Encounters of the Third Kind by Steven Spielberg in 1977 turned out to be his big break.

Who Was Gregory Jein?

He created numerous models for the movie, including a mothership model that was seen in the conclusion and miniature landscapes for UFOs. At the 50th Academy Awards, Jein and his crew received a nomination in the Best Visual Effects category. On the 1979 historical drama 1941, Jein and Spielberg worked together once more. The 52nd Academy Awards saw his team nominated once more in the Best Visual Effects category.

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He made a big contribution to the science fiction movie Star Trek: The Motion Picture from 1979. For Spock’s spacewalk scenario, he constructed planetary models alongside the V’Ger craft’s interior. Jein worked on both Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier throughout his lengthy involvement with the Star Trek franchise. For Star Trek: The Next Generation’s debut episode, Gregory’s crew created a six-foot-long model of the USS Enterprise. Additionally, he constructed the Klingon Vor’cha in Season 1 and the Ferengi Marauder starship in Season 4.

For his work on the HBO miniseries Angels in America and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Jein received an Emmy nomination. Among the other movies he has worked on include Mulan, The Dark Knight Rises, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension, Judge Dredd, Avatar, John Carter, and Alice Through the Looking Glass. A number of the films that Gregory Jein and his crew worked on later become cult favourites. He consequently achieved widespread notoriety. Twitter was inundated with condolences once the news of his passing spread.

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