YouTube has temporarily removed H3 Podcast host Ethan Klein’s channel after he made derogatory comments about Daniel Keem and Keemstar’s new girlfriend, who is 20 years old. This man has labelled Keemstar as a hypocrite because of the way he acts. Specifically, he placed the responsibility on the latter for the disrespectful remarks he made about Klein’s wife, Hila.

The H3 Podcast tweeted about the break on August 12th. Ethan also shared a video from Keemstar that addresses the H3 podcast’s claimed infractions.

There would be no new episodes of “Off The Rails,” “After Dark,” or “Families” for the next week, as stated in the tweet, “We’re really unhappy to announce we can’t post on YouTube for 7 days.”

Keemstar is single now 2022

Keemstar, host of the show “Drama Alert,” has broken up with his 20-year-old girlfriend, Christine Youngman. Star claimed he is “currently single and accepts applications.”

Due to the 19-year age discrepancy, the relationship was scrutinised by followers and fellow YouTubers.

After going public in August of 2021, the couple breaks up.In an Instagram and Twitter post, Keemstar revealed, “Me and the girlfriend have broken up.” Things change, he insisted; nothing lasts forever.

Who Is Keemstar’s Girlfriend?

The argument started after Keemstar, 39, shared a photo of his new girlfriend on Instagram after YouTuber Trisha Paytas uploaded a video on August 5 talking about Keemstar’s new girlfriend.Trisha Paytas said that most “20-year-olds don’t have completely developed minds,” which is why Keemstar was wrong to “manipulate and groom someone who was so much younger than him.”Trisha was quoted on camera as saying, “There are so many different levels and reasons a young child might do this.”

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Keemstar captioned the photo, “There are so many different levels and reasons a young child might do this.” Keep your jellybean rage, you psycho, Trisha! Do not expect to ever ride shotgun in my vehicle.including a photo of his fiancee alighting from a limousine and looking as stunning as ever.Keemstar may not have tagged his muse in the snap, but observant Instagram users quickly figured out who she was. Through investigation, they learned that Keemstar’s new girlfriend is Christine Youngman, who has 2,000 Instagram followers.

However, she has not yet come forward, therefore her account remains secret. Youngman was born in Austin, Texas, although she currently resides in Buffalo, New York, as seen by her various social media profiles. The age difference between her and Keemstar is staggering: 19 years!She and her friend apparently met Keemstar at a fan event. The YouTuber claims that his new girlfriend had no prior knowledge of either his identity or his fame.

To add insult to injury, he has tweeted a video in which he verbally assaults Trisha for making light of the age gap between him and his new girlfriend.The video’s creator said his girlfriend was not a wealth digger and had her own business, but he did not say what she did for a profession. He went on to say that Christine did not have “daddy issues” because of the strong relationship she has with her dad.

Drama Alert’s Host’s Relationship: Fan Reactions

There was no time for followers to deliberate over which camp to join in the most recent feud. Some people have defended Keemstar’s decision to date someone considerably younger than him, saying that it’s fine as long as both parties are of dating age.

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Faq’s on Keemstar

What is Keemstar marital status?
Keemstar is single.

How many relationships did Keemstar have?
Keemstar had at least 1 relationship in the past.

How many children does Keemstar have?
He has no children.

Is Keemstar having any relationship affair?
This information is not available.

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