Dave Chappelle has become a household name thanks to his pioneering Comedy Central show, Chappelle’s Show. Elaine Mendoza Erfe Chappelle, the comedian’s wife of 20 years, has supported him through the ups and downs of his career.

She was there for me when I was poor, Chappelle reportedly told Howard Stern. When Chappelle announced the cancellation of Chappelle’s Show in 2006 due to a number of personal issues, he noted that Elaine was instrumental in helping him get through the difficult times associated with his celebrity.

Elaine Mendoza Erfe Chappelle…who is she?

Miss Elaine Mendoza Erfe Chappelle was reportedly born on August 31, 1974, to Filipino parents and grew up in Brooklyn (making her exactly a year younger than Chappelle). She reportedly wanted to be a chef, but instead she and her husband chose to focus on raising their three children: sons Sulayman and Ibrahim, and daughter Sanaa. (At New York’s Radio City Music Hall in 2014, Chappelle told an audience joke about how his “wife is Asian and my kids have somehow turned out to be Puerto Rican.”)

She stood by Dave when he quit Chappelle’s Show and again when his stand-up routine sparked controversy for its anti-trans material.

As he put it, “My wife will let me know if it becomes really terrible, like, ‘Oh, you better check into this,'” Elaine Chappelle is a source of valuable insight for him. As a comedian, however, I try to ignore it, as excessive caution can be detrimental to your act. As far as possible, I limit the size of my business to ensure its genuineness.

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Where did Dave Chappelle and his wife first meet?

Chappelle, now 48 years old, told Howard Stern in the past that he met his future wife in Brooklyn. According to reports, Chappelle announced he would no longer appear on Stern’s show after his co-host, Robin Quivers, and Stern made racist jokes about the couple based on stereotypes of Asians.

One of the most difficult periods in Chappelle’s marriage occurred in the middle of the 2000s, when he famously relocated to South Africa at the height of his Chappelle’s Show career. Chappelle’s $50 million contract with Comedy Central to keep his show going was effectively terminated as a result of his trip. Different hypotheses were put forth as to the cause of this incident, including issues with his mental health and drug use.

Who are Dave Chappelle’s Children?

The Chappelles have three children: Sulayman (born in 2001), Ibrahim (born in 2003), and Sonal (born in 2009). There doesn’t seem to be much of a social media presence for any of the three kids. But in his 2019 Netflix stand-up special, Dave Chappelle: Equanimity & The Bird Revelation, their father did spoke about the mixed feelings of watching his kids mature and become less reliant on him.

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