Who Is Connor Flynn? Father Jailed Over Violation Of Women

The headlines announce some shocking and breaking news. Connor Flynn, a father of three, received a six-month jail term. The man is accused of filming a woman as they were engaging in sexual activity. Along with capturing it, he also uploaded the sensitive event’s video clip on Snapchat. Let’s note that before recording and publishing the video, Connor did not get the woman’s consent. At this time, he had been detained for around six months. The lady who appears in the video is traumatised. For all the necessary information, read the article.

Who Is Connor Flynn? Father Jailed Over Violation Of Women

Speaking about the event, the woman told the court that when Connor, 47, sent the footage to his closest Snapchat contacts, she felt violated and afraid. According to reports, the woman and Flynn met while looking for addiction treatment. He reportedly recorded her at his home as she was purportedly giving him a sex act. Judge Tresa Kelly sentenced Connor to six months in jail after concluding that he had broken the woman’s confidence when she was defenceless. The unfortunate incident happened at the man’s home on May 16, 2021. Reports claim that Flynn went to the Kilmainham garda station and made a statement during the investigation of the crime.

Who Is Connor Flynn?

Flynn, a construction worker, acknowledged to recording and sharing an intimate image without authorization. On Tyrconnell Road in Inchicore, he is employed. Garda In her testimony before the Dublin District Court, Ailis McBride said that Flynn had recorded the victim performing a physical act on him and had shared the footage on social media without getting her consent. According to the court, the defendant reportedly transmitted the video to three or four of his closest Snapchat acquaintances. But nobody recognised them. The woman, who is in her early 30s, started weeping as she made her victim impact statement in court.

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The lady said that she freezes and tremors as a result of her body reacting in an automatic, primordial way. She said that my mind is now a dangerous place to be because of Connor’s activities. The woman continued by saying that whenever she thinks of him, she has emotional exhaustion and a physical breakdown. The lady went on to say that his acts had severely traumatised her since she now feels uncomfortable around guys and will be afraid to go late at night. She claims that she bases her understanding of how males treat women on Connor Flynn. “She feels impure and feel filthy and feel betrayed,” the lady continued. Keep up to date by following!

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