Who Is Carmen White Texas Woman Arrested And Charged With Murder Of Her Sister

A shocking piece of news is coming to the front. According to reports, a woman named Carmen White was arrested after she killed her sister. The 38-year-old woman went on to force her son to help her dispose of the former’s body too. The news has shocked everyone ever since it appeared on social media. One can not even imagine the hatred the woman must have towards her sister. Reports claim that Carmen shot her sister to death on March 31, this year. Find out the further details of the matter in the article below.

Who Is Carmen White Texas Woman Arrested And Charged With Murder Of Her Sister

KRPC reported that Carmen White killed her sister by fatally shooting her. The authorities have identified the deceased woman as Cynthia Cervantes. After killing her, Carmen sought the help of her 13-year-old son to burn the corpse. Sources confirm that the culprit and her son dumped the body at the end of a dirt road and then proceeded to burn the body.

Why Is Carmen White Arrested?

Carmen White was reportedly stressed after killing her sister and seeking help to dump the body. Authorities started their investigation into the case as soon as they come to know about it. According to the authorities, Carmen contacted her ex-boyfriend first to help her in dumping her sister’s body. However, he refused to help her. Later, the woman forced her minor son to become part of the crime by assisting her with the disposal of the body.

Several witnesses told the investigators that the sisters were not on good terms. Reportedly, Cynthia had even called the police on Carmen. The former had accused Carmen White of posing a terroristic threat. After the investigation, the cops detained Carmen. They also found methamphetamine in her possession. It seems like that Carmen took revenge on her sister.

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Although the investigation is currently ongoing and not much information about the matter is available right now, it is said that Carmen shot her sister multiple times. Carmen’s ex-boyfriend revealed that he got a call from the former on March 31 where she asked him for a favor. According to him, the woman took him to a vacant room below her apartment. There, she showed him the body.

Apart from it, Carmen also intimidated her son when he realized that they were moving a body. At present, the 38-year-old woman is facing a capital murder charge. Her lawyer has not said anything about the matter yet. Follow our site for more updates.

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