Alison Steinberg

Who is Alison Steinberg? OAN Contributor Condemned For Anti-Gay Pride Flag Rent In Video Goes Viral: When Alison Steinberg, a well-known American journalist, made a contentious comment on social media, the media’s focus was diverted. All Internet users were startled beyond belief when she said that. She aimed to offend a certain group’s sensibilities. The journalists have been under fire for her despicable statement, which she said without any hesitation after her video went viral over the Internet. Her target audience was the LGBTQ+ community. The footage is making its way onto Twitter as well as Instagram. Find out more about Alison Steinberg, the journalist who is receiving online criticism.

Alison Steinberg

OAN Contributor Video Goes Viral:

The most recent reports state that famous news journalist Alison Steinberg vented her rage at the Californian town of Huntington Beach’s Pride flag-waving live on Instagram. The newscaster attacked the raising of the flag and implied that members of the LGBTQ+ community did not belong in America. All online users are horrified by her comments. The month of June is observed as Pride Month by Californian internet users. The community, flag, and event were also condemned by the journalist. As a result of her viral video, the anchor is receiving negative feedback from viewers.

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Who Is Alison Steinberg?

She removed her video from the platform after receiving negative comments about it. The film has already been shared by internet users on other platforms, though. Netizens are racing to view the footage on the Internet, increasing the video’s audience as the journalist wildly criticises the neighbourhood and vents her rage at the flag. She can be heard asking, “What the heck is that? Huntington Beach is a community of decent, hard-working, American citizens who are hardly human. She persisted in criticising the pride banner, calling it a shame to our city.

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Even the town’s mayor was highlighted by Alison, who advocated for the dismissal of the current mayor. She says, “Make America Great Again,” and then disconnects. Create a Great Huntington Beach.” If we talk about Alison in more detail, she is an American news anchor connected to the important media company One America News. She is in her mid-30s to early 35s. Alison was born in the state of California in the USA. She completed her high school education at a private school and received her diploma from the University of Colorado Bouler. Her video has made her the talk of the town right now. For updates and other information, follow Moneymaketnews.

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