White Wilderness Controversy

White Wilderness Controversy

White Wilderness has a scene that is supposed to show a mass migration of lemmings. The scene ends with the lemmings jumping into the Arctic Ocean and drowning. Some people have said that the Disney movie makes it sound like the lemmings are trying to kill themselves, but the movie’s narrator says that the lemmings are probably not trying to kill themselves, but rather are moving and, when they come across water, try to cross it. If the water is too wide for them to cross, they get tired and drown.

In 1982, the news show The Fifth Estate on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation showed a documentary called “Animal Cruelty in Hollywood.” The documentary focused on White Wilderness and the TV show Wild Kingdom. Bob McKeown, who ran the CBC show, found that the lemming scene was shot near downtown Calgary on the Bow River, not in the Arctic Ocean as the movie suggested. He found out that the lemmings didn’t jump into the river on their own. Instead, a film crew had set up a platform that turned and pushed them into the water. He also talked to a lemming expert, who said that the species of lemming shown in the movie is not known to move, let alone kill itself in large numbers. He also found out that the video of a polar bear cub falling down an ice slope in the Arctic was actually shot in a film studio in Calgary.

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In popular culture

The scene in White Wilderness where lemmings jump off a cliff was used as a political metaphor in an ad for Andrew Monroe Rice, an Oklahoma candidate for the U.S. Senate in 2008. The song Potshot Heard Around the World by the Dead Kennedys, from 1988, was based on White Wilderness. The theme of the video game Lemmings was also taken from the movie.

Disney didn’t push all of the Lemmings off a cliff to kill them all.

Disney didn’t push all of the Lemmings off a cliff to kill them all.People are afraid of lemmings because they jump off cliffs when they move every year. This lie was spread by a “documentary” that was completely made up. This isn’t what you’d expect from a Disney movie.

The White Wilderness Scandal

The subject was James Alga’s 1958 nature film White Wilderness, which was set in the subarctic. There wasn’t enough documentation. First, the famous lemming scenario with mass suicide was thought up.

Who put this film together?

The place was Alberta. A few hundred lemmings were brought in from somewhere else because they aren’t native. First, the lemmings that are lined up don’t move. As their numbers grow, some lemming species move around. You’ll never see lemmings migrate like in the movie (no matter how adorable that would be).

The crew used a turntable covered in snow to show how migration works. These animals that moved around were herded to a nearby river and shot until they drowned. So, suicides by lemmings came to be.

In 1950s Hollywood, it was common for people to hurt animals.

According to IMDb The studios had already killed 100 horses for a single scene in Ben Hur and a lion for Tarzan, so killing a few dozen rats wasn’t a big deal.

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Disney made everyone think that Lemmings all kill themselves.

The movies on Disney+ send a certain message. The Sound of Music and Home Alone are two movies that are good for the whole family. Since Disney owns so much content, it’s easy to see what Disney+ doesn’t have. Walt Disney’s racist Uncle Remus adaptation Song of the South from 1946 was not there. White Wilderness, an environmental documentary that won an Oscar in 1958, is Disney’s version of Nanook of the North. It wasn’t their most controversial movie, but it was a moral turning point. When Disney+ first started, it had White Wilderness and other arctic movies. In January, though, all of those movies were taken off the service. Nature documentaries that aren’t very popular fit with Disney’s tendency to self-censor.


Wilderness is a made-up place where people don’t live. It’s a place where man isn’t always at the top of the food chain. It’s a place where animals that have never been categorised in books live. It’s a place where strange creatures that only your imagination could make up live. It’s a place where cars, schedules, and time don’t exist.

A lot of people find this to be a scary and intimidating place to be. Some people see this as their dream come true. We all live in the wilderness, but this course will take you to some of the most remote and wild places on Earth. You’ll also find out what’s being done to keep these places safe and what problems they have.

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