White Dwarf Explosion

Astrophysicists from Brazil and Mexico offered new explanations for how white dwarfs exploded with Type Ia supernovae. Their model suggests that when a primordial black hole (PBH) collides with a white dwarf, the explosion ignites. A black hole is the size of an asteroid that is believed to have originated in the earliest period of the universe.

Heinrich Steigerwald from the Center for Astrophysics and Cosmology, Federal University of Espirito Santo, Brazil, and Emilio Tejeda from the Institute of Physics and Mathematics, San Nicolas de Hidalgo Michoacána University, Mexico. Your life is no longer affected by nuclear fusion.

When a white dwarf accumulates material from its companion star, its mass increases until it reaches the Chandrasekhar limit, which is 1.4 times the mass of the sun. At this time, an uncontrolled fusion ignition process took place, causing the shocking explosion of Supernova Ia. The merging of two white dwarfs may also lead to type Ia supernovae.

Astrophysicists have discovered that “sub-Chandrasekhar” white dwarfs are below 1.4 solar masses can also be ignited. Another important aspect of the research is that it provides a mechanism to ignite the yet unknown Chandrasekhar white dwarf. Steigerwald said that to move the investigation forward, two things need to be done.

One of them is the success of the PBH search: “In the next few decades, space-based gravity wave observatories such as future LISA antennas (space-borne laser interferometers) will be able to observe what they will be produced under original conditions. Random gravitational wave background black holes during the formation of the early universe. “It also points out the need for powerful numerical simulations of the ignition process.

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“The final confirmation of the organization’s functioning or ineffectiveness is the demonstration of complete reactive numerical simulation in three dimensions.” This is a very difficult task, but I know that some [research] groups can do it.

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