Metaverse Trends To Watch In 2022

The Metaverse is a shared online space that incorporates AR, VR, and the traditional web. Experts predict that the virtual universe, also known as the metaverse, will one day replace the internet as our primary means of exchanging information. Users of VR headsets can buy real estate, create NFT displays, sell their own digital material, or play games developed for this realm.

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Metaverse platforms like Facebook are helping to drive the platform’s rising popularity. Metaverse initiatives are likely to be one of the more contentious areas for investors in the years to come.

Augmented and Virtual Reality in Gaming: A 2022 Metaverse Trend

Using 3D graphics, augmented reality/virtual reality hardware, and sound systems, virtual games can be played. With the expansion of this market, the value and importance of these technologies have skyrocketed. The headset industry for augmented reality and virtual reality grew by 60.8% in 2021. However, IDC’s Quarterly AR/VR Headset Tracker reports that 2.19 million headsets were supplied just in the APAC area. Because of these innovations, the gaming industry is undergoing a period of profound change.

Happenings in the Metaverse

As many as 10.7 million people have tuned in to watch Fortnite performances on the internet. A total of $800 billion may be needed to fund live events and advertising in the Metaverse. It’s possible that by 2024, the global market for video game software and hardware could exceed $400 billion, with the remaining opportunities coming from live entertainment and social media. The Decentraland Metaverse has seen over 75,000 sales of land, NFT coins, and virtual land plots, with a total value of about US$25 million. This trend will drastically change the nature of concerts in the future.

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The nuanced nature of Avatars in the Metaverse.

The current trajectory of the metaverse suggests that avatars will continue to evolve toward greater sophistication. These days, you can choose from a vast selection of avatar body types. Avatars, both 2D and those that come close to photorealism in depicting human form, fall into this category.

Meta’s sophisticated, nearly photorealistic avatars are well-known among its customers. There will eventually be a lot of the company’s stuff that can be used with these avatars. Meanwhile, Microsoft is keen on developing avatar-making AI. But with adaptive animation, that fits right in at the office. Popular programmes like Zepeto and OSUVOX make it simple to design avatars and import them into different metaverse implementations.

Source: Google Trend

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