What is xResolver? How you can protect yourself with Xresolver?

In today’s fast-paced world, there are several ways to obtain a person’s IP address. One way is to use the said person’s gamertag and search for them on xResolver. Playing video games on Xbox or PlayStation is always fun; you get unique Gamertags and can try out both old and new titles.

So, what exactly is xResolver, and what does it have to do with Xbox or PlayStation? This article provides solutions to all these questions.

What is xResolver?

Xresolver is an official website that translates gamertags and usernames from Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s PlayStation into the smallest IP addresses.

Xresolver is a working website that converts gamers’ tags, domain names, and usernames into IP addresses. It’s a database service that keeps track of players’ gamertags and IP addresses when they play on Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. Even though the information on the website is technically legal because it is available to the public, it can cause a lot of trouble for gamers who often compete online.

Xresolver also offers a service that allows gamers to pay a fee to have their IP address deleted from the log for a set length of time (dubbed “a lifetime”). It is not advisable to do so. Gamers’ IP addresses, as well as their connections to gamertags and online profiles, are recorded in Xresolver, a freely available database and website.

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It’s worth noting that this information is public, so posting it on a public website isn’t strictly unlawful. The issue is that the type of individual that is interested in knowing which IP address corresponds to your unique profile (on PS4, Xbox, or PC) is unlikely to have your best interests at heart. Who else but your buddies would be interested in knowing your IP address?

How to use xResolver?

The user-friendly interface of Xresolver makes it straightforward and easy to use. So, if you have a problem, just follow the steps below and you will be able to use Xresolver without any problems:

  • Visit official website “https://xresolver.com/”.
  • Select Xbox Resolver or PlayStation Resolver (choose an appropriate option).
  • Enter the “Xbox Gamer Tag” to turn it into an IP address, or the “IP address” to turn it into an Xbox Gamer Tag.
  • After that, select “Resolve.”

Now that you’ve completed the task, you may use the same procedure to resolve PlayStation gamer tags to IP addresses or IP addresses to PlayStation gamer tags.

When you enter the gamer tag to resolve it, it will almost certainly convert to IP format. For the PlayStation, enter your PSN username to see how it will be converted to IP format.

How to change your IP address and Protect yourself with Xresolver?

You won’t be able to modify your public IP address because it is assigned by your internet provider’s DHCP server. You can, however, modify your computer’s or laptop’s IP address. There are ways to alter your IP address in your location, but it won’t help you if a thousand bots are connected to your home’s internet. The public IP address should be changed.

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Resetting your router for a few minutes could be the quickest and most convenient option to get back online. If your NBN box has a 4G backup, you may be able to disconnect and reattach it, but make sure this is true for your connection first.

If you can’t figure it out on your own, a decent VPN service can assist you. You don’t need to hire a hacker to assist you. When playing online games with strangers, keep your cool. Always be aware of who you’re playing with and maintain a level head. DDoS attacks are annoying, but there are ways to stop them, so don’t freak out if one happens.

How can i register on Xresolver and unlock full access?

The registration or sign-up process is simple, and you will not need any more information. You can use the xresolver to its full extent by simply following the instructions mentioned below.

  • Go to the xResolver official website.
  • To complete the registration procedure, look for the “Register” button and click it.
  • On this page, fill out the “Sign up” form.
  • Fill in the blanks for “Username” and “Email address.”
  • Click the Register button after you’ve entered your “Password” and “Confirm your password.”

 What is the benefit to get blacklisted on Xresolver? 

Blacklisting your username is a safety precaution you can take to ensure that no one in a game blocks or distracts you. Only a sniffer application may be used to blacklist yourself. Octosniff can help you simply blacklist your IP address, but you may need to pay for points.

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But you’ll need an Octosniff account, which is basically a research tool for networking that lets you watch traffic from your console or device.

How to get blacklisted on xresolver?

  • Enter your Gamertag into the gadget at Xresolver.
  • Your IP address will be provided via the Gamertag. The Xresolver number is simply one of the gamertags that can be entered into the box. So, if you need to know the IP address of a large number of gamers, you’ll have to enter them one at a time.
  • Log in to your Octosniff account using the IP address.
  • However, you must first purchase 500 points before you can ban your IP.
  • You will receive the key to your message box shortly after purchasing the IP address.
  • Copy the key/Xresolver blacklist IP link and sign into your Octosniff account if you haven’t already.
  • Once you’ve clicked on Redeem the License, you’ll be prompted to enter the key in the points section.
  • Now press the claim points button.
  • Now, after the points have been claimed, go to Miscellaneous and scroll down to the blacklist area.
  • Enter your IP address and select blacklist username from the drop-down menu.
  • -Return to the website and try the username again.
  • -It would demonstrate that you have been blacklisted.

Is xResolver Legal or Safe to use?

Scraping using bots is not prohibited when using the xresolver software. No country, not even the United States of America, bans, stops, or says it is illegal to get an IP address. So, we can say that xresolver is not illegal.

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