PUBG Developer New Project Artemis

Brendan Greene, who made PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), also goes by the name PlayerUnknown. He announced his newest game, Artemis, which is a metaverse game with NFTs. In Artemis, which will look like Earth, a new digital economy that gives out items, tokens, and in-game features will connect gamers and producers.

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People from all over the world will decide how they want to spend their time in the planet-sized world.

The company that made PUBG has announced its new Metaverse project.

Brendan “PlayerUnknown” Greene, who made “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds,” which is often called “PUBG,” has started a metaverse project called “Artemis.”

Greene gave new information about Artemis in Hit Points, a newsletter written by video game journalist Nathan Brown. After the developer left the PUBG team in 2019, “Prologue,” a large gameplay feature with a 40-square-mile setting, was released. Greene told Brown on Tuesday’s episode of Hit Points that “Prologue” will eventually be used as a tech demo for Artemis, a virtual playground that covers the whole Earth.

Tech companies have said in public that they want to make the metaverse, a made-up version of the internet that experts say would be more like the real world than the text-based internet we use now. Greene’s idea of the metaverse also says that everyone owns and shares the same universe.

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What does Artemis mean? A game or a ledger?

PlayerUnknown Productions, the studio Greene set up in Amsterdam to make “Prologue” and “Artemis,” sounds more like a research and development centre than a game studio. Greene told Hit Points that some of the people in the group are nuclear scientists and mathematicians. These are not the types of people who usually work on video game teams. Artemis, on the other hand, isn’t a game in the usual sense. Greene says that it is a decentralised interactive universe where people can make or play anything they want.

Greene said

Greene said, “I am very passionate about this. It has to be made in a certain way. This can only exist if it’s made for everyone, not just to make money.

Greene hired David Polfeldt, the former managing director of Ubisoft Massive, to work as a senior consultant for the PlayerUnknown group. This is because the idea is so big that it needs to be managed by a pro.

Even now, we don’t have the technology to make something like Artemis. It is hard to make a virtual Earth that is the same size as the real one and has thousands of people exploring all of its fully grown biomes. At least on a practical level, there aren’t enough resources right now to make a mirror of Earth in the metaverse. Because of this, PlayerUnknown Productions is putting all of its efforts into making Melba, a game engine that will be supported by machine learning.

Artemis is getting better at technology.

Greene says that it would take an insane amount of work for human engineers to build Artemis, but an AI that can make a planet’s worth of trees, plants, valleys, rivers, and mountains at an unstoppable rate could do it. If the AI is well-built and given the right information, it might also be able to give Artemis NPCs like animals and even people who act and interact in a realistic way. Greene told Hit Points that his company has already sent in several patent applications for some of the technology it has made, and he explained how it works.

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We’ve learned some new things about the area by mapping it, adding things like trees and buildings, and adding artist-made destinations.

“We’re making a digital space,” Green said.

That needs to have a way to make money and work. It’s not about brands like Chanel or Louis Vuitton, though. AwesomePickle is a young man who sells great skins because he knows what people want.

How will the perfect Artemis be?

The best version of Artemis is one that is open source, has many different owners, and can be changed by anyone. Greene says that everyone in Artemis will be involved, and that PlayerUnknown Productions will eventually move into a “maintenance” role to make sure everything is running smoothly. He said that there was a structure to it, but “no real rules.”

Even open-world games with limited ownership and a small scope, like Artemis’s pitch, have already had some amazing moments that the designers didn’t plan for. In 2007, a woman in New York City put an ad on Craigslist saying she would have sex for 5,000 gold, which she would use to buy an epic flying horse in “World of Warcraft” (the woman claimed to have found a client in a follow-up post). In the brutally competitive zombie apocalypse game “DayZ” from 2012, players can choose to work together or kill each other over cans of beans. This has led to discussions about how people act in real life.

Epidemiologists who worked on predictive modeling for covid-19 later pointed to a glitch in “World of Warcraft” in 2005 that looked like a virus outbreak and caused the game’s developer to temporarily shut down the game to stop the “virus” from spreading to all players.

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Tim Berners-Lee Explanation:

Greene used the example of Tim Berners-Lee, an English computer scientist who made the World Wide Web and gave it away for free without copyrights or patents. Berners-Lee has recently been very critical of the big companies in Silicon Valley that control large parts of the web. He also gave a dire warning about what he called a “digital dystopia” of a future.

Source: Google Trend

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