What is Edjing Mix? Download Latest Edjing Mix Mod APK V6.66.0

Do you love DJs? Many admire being a DJ because they feel cool and wealthy. They create our favourite pop music and great songs in the world’s top hit parade. However, this dream has a huge obstacle for us; the instrument used by DJs isn’t affordable for us. They are too expensive. Electronic music is becoming increasingly popular because it gives people an energetic and current feel. If you’re also an enthusiast of electronic music, think about remixing your favourite songs. Then we present to you is Edjing Mix. Today, you can make your dreams true of becoming a DJ if you have Edjing Mix!

This application is available on several platforms free of charge. Many people consider this application which is one of the best music-creating apps. The upgraded version of the DJ app is edjing Mix.

Details of Edjing Mix Mod APK

  •  Name: Edjing Mix Mod APK
  •  Developer: MWM – Free music and audio apps for Android
  •  Category: Music and Audio
  •  Size: 61MB(May vary with the Device)
  • MOD Available
  • Version: 6.66.00
  •  Price: Free
  •  Update: June 2022
  •  Availability: WorldWide
  •  Safety: Safe
  •  Language: English
  •  Download link Edjing Mix Mod APK
  •  Requirements: Android Version of 4 or above. (May vary)
  •  Rating: 4.4

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Generally, Dj instruments cost you higher amounts, and we cannot afford that amount. But, Edjing Mix only costs you around 10$ for creating music. However, the App comes free with limited access to its features. You must buy a premium plan for the App to access all of its features to the maximum level. But, we are providing you with the simplified and modified application of Edjing Mix for free. 

Edjing Mix Mod APK – Introduction

Edjing Mix Mod APK is an enhanced platform with several well-developed features compatible with the same s costly devices produced as a DJ. Anything here is free of charge, and one can surely try it as it is in a virtual model. The Mod APK is safe & secure. And, now that it is a superb run to become a DJ. Also, you can keep up to date with the newest releases by a few great musicians. The App can produce such good content, and you need no such costly instruments. You have to master and utilize this all to the fullest. This APK is simple to deal with, so why not utilize it before hitting the stage? Just practice and perform well.

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Become the best DJ

Most of today’s songs are created by DJs, which is the reason behind them. They make good beats, and that goes viral on social media. Many of such viral content is individual-based. And apps like these are the main source in which they are created. You might have heard some great individual-based songs. And songs by singers like Chainsmokers, David Guetta, Martin Garrix, and Steve Aoki. They create their music, and they never run into companies. The coolest thing about them is that they never seem to be without ideas when creating hits.

Edjing Mix Mod APK Features

Edjing Mix – Free Music DJ App Mod APK: a well-known application on the Internet. Music enthusiasts might have known about the worth of this Edjing Mix Mod APK. This App contains several impeccable and useful features that you can use and utilize the synchronization of songs to edit your music.

Millions of Songs, FX, and EQ:

Users of Edjing Mix Mod APK will experience a great additional point which is a unique platform. This unique platform consists of more than 50 million tracks ready to mix and produce. You can choose any music and alter them according to your interest. One can add their music style to each track available here. By doing so, one can attain more and more experience as a DJ by making several such remixes.

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In addition, there are more than 20 FXs and EQs to mount your skills and open them at once. You also receive a guided tour of the application when the Premium features get unlocked. If you don’t know how to operate them, you can make tutorial videos that are available online in big numbers. Then, you become familiar with the App and its features. Also, you can access the App with ease along with other instruments much easier. Thanks to its wide range of tools, many unique beats and harmonies are available in this App.

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The sampler – strong amateur support

Sixteen samples of different sounds such as sirens, gunshots, kicks, and snares will be free in Edjing Mix Mod APK. These sounds that the publisher selects are the most special ones. These things do not have to disappoint those already in the industry because they can exploit them in other recognized forums. People who are not professionals in music would love to utilize the featured things. +20 sample packs (EDM, Hip-Hop, dubstep …) easily do the work. In addition to the Future Loops, one can be sure it is composed of Pro DJs. You only have to compose a simple tune in general and the app guides you to create sound professionally.

SoundCloud and Deezer Internation

You are in good hands with Soundcloud and Deezer! For non-complex remixes, one can integrate their accounts in this DJ app. Now, one need not remix the songs to save them on their Device. A premium account of SoundCloud or Deezer is required to integrate them successfully into the App. But once all is set up, comfort is just around the corner!

Obtain the best audio quality

The music-making apps have a pretty big issue. The sound gets broken after remixing, and no clear music is produced. But this issue can be solved by using Edjing Mix Mod APK. It also provides music of the highest quality. Thurs you face no problems when you listen to your own created music or when you listen to it to others. As mentioned above, this App is associated with Deezer and Soundcloud. So feel free to post to these places only when you have done composing your product.

Hardware integration 

The application can also be controlled via a feature called mix fader. Bluetooth devices with an Android version of 4.3 or up are required for this feature. This feature is also compatible with regular audio venal and time-coded. It means you can compose great songs without costly instruments.

Carrying the most professional instruments

Sort from providing readily accessible features to non-professionals, Edjing mix continues to be a semi-professional musician. Automatic BPM detection assists people in easily comprehending the kind of music they compose. One has no complex work and can compose music quickly by using these parameters according to their interest. The Tap BPM button can be modified. The consistent synchronization of your compositions forms your remix flawless for any second without disturbances.

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Provide users with a better experience

Initially, one has to be aware of the interface of the Edjing Mix apk. With the DJ app of the engine, every aspect is known and very simple to comprehend. If you’ve ever accessed this App, you may feel that it’s all familiar and identical. However, within the App, very few changes continue to make it even more interesting, quicker, and more comfortable.

How to download and install Edjing Mix Mod APK?

  • Uninstall the previous Play Store version or original version of Edjing Mix from your Device.
  • Then, download the Edjing Mix Mod APK from the link given below
  • Now, enable the ‘Unknown Resources’ from your general mobile settings.
  • Please tap on the downloaded file and install it.
  • Wait until the installation process gets finished,
  • Grant the permission required, and then you are all set to use Edjing Mix. Enjoy.

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Question 1: What do you mean by Edjing Mix APK?

Answer: Edjing Mix is a famous DJ app that lets you simply practice your DJing skills. With many features, you can utilize it as a beginner or even as a professional DJ.

Question 2: Is Edjing Mix Mod APK free? 

Answer: Yes, the App is free to download and use. The mod also comes with all features unlocked. So you don’t have to pay a single rupee for anything.

Question 3: Will the user face any ads during the use?

Answer: No ads will be displayed on the App while using it as the mod disables them.


For those who want to compose a remix of songs themselves, Edjing Mix Mod APK is the best App to go with. Also, it is certainly one of the most well-installed apks worldwide. Many who like and find it fruitful can use the Edjing Mix Mod apk to the fullest extent. This apk certainly has many Android users who want to be a DJ. The requirement for that apk platform increases, and the APK download rate increases each time.



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