Cryptography, Simplifying the Calculation of Cryptocurrency Taxes for the Age of Web 3.0

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For newcomers, the world of crypto has always been hard to understand. Whether you want to trade or invest, you need knowledge and skills to make money with crypto assets. But there is one important thing that both newcomers and veterans to the crypto market tend to miss.

That’s how you deal with tax on crypto. It’s not easy to do crypto taxes because the information you need is hard to come by and can sometimes be wrong.

If you haven’t heard of Cryptiony yet and need help keeping track of your crypto tax obligations, here’s a detailed look at what it is and how it could change the way crypto tax management is done.

The story – How Cryptiony Came To Be?

It was started in 2021 by Bartosz Milczarek, who was having a hard time figuring out how to pay his crypto taxes. CEO Milczarek felt that the crypto tax needed a complete, reliable, and inexpensive solution. But since there was no tool like that on the market, he made one himself.

CTO Krzysztof Dworakowski, who is a professional crypto trader, joined Milczarek. Both Cryptiony’s CEO and CTO have up to 10 years of experience building IT systems for the forex, banking, and blockchain industries.

CMO Hanna Milczarek is also a founding member of Cryptiony. She comes from a corporate background and has experience in accounting and finance that is useful in the IT sector. This group of three tech and finance experts started Cryptiony to turn their passion into a business that people really needed.

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Coded Technology

Using Cryptiony, people who are interested in crypto, whether they are just starting out or are experienced traders, can easily calculate crypto taxes, file tax returns, and manage their portfolios. Cryptiony uses automation and encryption to make tax-related tasks easier. It also teaches people how to use its platform to its fullest potential.

Cryptiony only needs a few details from the user to figure out whether everyone will gain or lose. But that’s not the end of it. The platform can also keep track of all crypto trading activities and keep a record of all transactions. This makes it possible for a trader to see all of their crypto account activity on different platforms in one place.

Automation and Security Codes

For a long time, crypto tax calculations were done by hand. Beginners almost got to the point where they could do their taxes and follow all the rules. But Cryptiony and its team want to change this story by using their skills, knowledge, and automation technology to make it possible to figure out crypto taxes quickly and easily.

This platform makes it easy and quick to connect to a number of crypto exchanges. When users connect and sync their trading accounts with Cryptiony, they can see how much tax they owe in real time. When the user finishes a transaction, this information is updated right away. This makes Cryptiony perfect for calculating and sending in taxes because it keeps track of tax liabilities.

Automation is what makes Cryptiony work, as it lets crypto traders manage their crypto taxes so that they pay the least amount of tax possible.

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Costs and thanks

The UK market has more than 4.2 million people who use cryptocurrency. But the number is more than 295 million around the world. Cryptiony stands out in its position because of how it works and how much it costs.

Right now, all of Cryptiony’s features and up to 500 crypto transactions are available for free. Also, this platform has put together a team of experts to run the support system for sharing information and teaching traders about how to pay taxes on crypto.

Now that Web 3.0 is here, new crypto traders are looking for help from professionals through education and automation. This is where Cryptiony comes in as a solution that makes it easy, quick, and cheap to figure out crypto tax.

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