Bitcoin Price Today 6th Jan 2023

Bitcoin Price Today 6th Jan 2023

The price of bitcoin has decreased by 0.20% as of today, January 6th, 2023, due to the falling value of silvergate shares.

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When word gets out that Silvergate is letting people go, the price of Bitcoin goes down. In the last 24 hours, it has gone down by 0.20%.

At 9:25 pm IST, the price of Bitcoin was 16,878.68 USD. At the time of this writing, however, each BTC token costs 16,807.73 USD. Since yesterday, the number of trades has gone down by 14.27%. At the moment, the value of the cryptocurrency on the market is 323.753 billion USD.

After the crash of FTX and the FED’s rate hike, Bitcoin has already been going through a hard time. According to the IMF, one-third of the world’s economy will be in a recession this year. This will make things very tough on the market.

The total value of all cryptocurrencies on the market is now 815.95 billion USD. This is a 0.70 percent drop from the day before. The total volume of the crypto market is 37.05 billion USD, which is a huge drop of 13.94% from the day before.

Price of BTC in India

If we look at the price of one BTC token in terms of the rupee, which is the currency of India, it costs 13,89,495.04 lacs.

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Singapore BTC Price

In Singapore dollars, which is their currency, each BTC token costs 22,690.43 Singapore dollars at the moment.


Each BTC token is worth 61,684.36 UAE Dirham, which is the country’s currency.

Why is Bitcoin going down right now?

On Thursday, shares of Silvergate, a bank that focuses on cryptocurrencies, fell by more than 50%. This comes after the bank released its preliminary results for the last quarter, which showed that a lot of cryptocurrencies were taken out of the bank.

The bank’s early report on the last quarter of 2022 shows that the number of crypto deposits has dropped by 68%. To handle the withdrawals, the bank had to pay off its debts on its balance sheet. The company has also said that 200 of its workers, which is almost 40% of its total staff, will be let go. It also said that it would stop lending money to mortgage warehouses.

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