In This Is Going to Hurt, what happened to Shruti Acharya

This Is Going To Hurt, a comedy that mixes hard-hitting realities of working in the NHS with a healthy dose of levity, has quickly become a fan favorite on BBC One and the iPlayer this year.

The show is based on the diaries of Adam Kay and follows a fictionalized version of him as he deals with the stresses of working long hours and facing terrible life-or-death decisions in a split second.

What happened to Shruti Acharya, a new patient in the hospital, and is she based on a real person? is a question that remains unanswered in This Is Going to Hurt.

In This Is Going to Hurt, what happened to Shruti?

The Plot Twist in Which Shruti Says, “THIS IS GOING TO HURT”
The suicide of Shruti Acharya, featured in episode six of the BBC drama, left fans heartbroken.

Shruti says, “I’m sorry, I tried,” to the camera as she and Adam leave the hospital after working yet another lengthy shift.

Even though Adam, the hospital staff, and Shruti’s parents never come  out and say it, it is clear from the tone of the episode that Shruti has committed suicide.

Two months have passed after the events of episode six, and it’s business as usual for the hospital staff in episode seven.

This Is Going to Hurt a real story?

The film was based on Adam Kay’s best-selling 2017 book, This Is Going to Hurt: Secret Diaries of a Junior Doctor.

Adam Kay utilised his diaries from his time as a junior doctor in the NHS from 2004 to 2010 to set the series in 2006.

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Many of the scenarios on the gynaecology and obstetrics ward are based on his real-life experiences working under great pressure in a medical setting.

Adam said, “I decided to publish my diaries because I wanted the public to know the truth about being a doctor.

“I think people were taken aback by the constant barrage of bodily fluids, by making less than the hospital parking metre, and by the difficulty of sustaining connections and relationships while working 97-hour weeks.

“Had I understood any of this before to applying to medical school, I might have gone in a different direction.”

Some of the supporting cast members on the show were actual doctors who were called in as consultants by the show’s producers, Lucy Forbes and Tom Kingsley.

Lucy reportedly said, “The fact that it passed the ‘realness test’ was crucial,” in an earlier interview with The Times. You know exactly what I’m talking about, as do the physicians and the women. Don’t say “Oh no, don’t look at that, it’s a bit dirty,” and don’t shut the door.

Using Zoom, actor Ben also spent a lot of time training with real doctors.

Is Shruti a fictional character in This Is Going to Hurt?

Adam’s employee Shruti is an actress playing a character created just for the show.Ambika Mod, who plays Shruti, has said that she tried to make the character feel “authentic and true” in every way.

The Chester Standard quoted her as saying, “She’s so complex, she’s so well written, she exists in and of her own right, and she has an amazing story.”

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That’s not how young south Asian women are typically portrayed in books.

Since many audition roles are cookie-cutter types, I was excited to play Shruti, and I think she has a significant role in the tale.

She is a very effective emblem of the working class because of what she represents as a representation of her age, gender, race/ethnicity, and financial level.

She is simply one individual, after all, and cannot speak for all those who share her demographic.

All I wanted to do was give her a thrilling and authentic experience.

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Heartbroken Fans disappointed  by  Shruti’s end

As soon as fans saw what happened to Shruti in episode 6 of This Is Going to Hurt, many voiced their opinions on various social media platforms.

‘I’ve wept at least once in every episode,’ tweeted one viewer. Sad tears for Shruti. The stress levels of our #NHS employees are beyond for me to fathom. We let them down and #it’s going to hurt.

An additional commenter stated, “I’ve thought about Shruti every day since watching This Is Going To Hurt.”

This viewer said, “Just watched This is Going to Hurt episode 6. Many people who work in the NHS will find Shruti’s story uncomfortably familiar. Take care of each other.

One more Twitter user said, “Finally got around to watching This Is Going to Hurt. Sadness pierced my heart when Shruti hurt it. Her narrative was distressingly authentic. It pains me deeply to think that many individuals in the NHS feel this way, but that discussing it has been frowned upon.

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These words were written by a viewer: “Last night’s “This Is Going To Hurt” was so good but so painful to watch, poor Shruti, what a waste. She never once, as far as I can recall, cracked a smile. The workload on NHS doctors is excessive.

Another viewer said, “I still haven’t processed the penultimate episode of This Is Going To Hurt. The details of Shruti’s ordeal have devastated me.

The entire first season of This Is Going to Hurt can be viewed in its entirety on the BBC iPlayer after each episode airs on BBC One every Monday night until March 22.

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