What Happened To Kaylee Jones Georgia Teen Goes Missing From Her Home Where Is She

A 16-year-old girl from Georgia, Kaylee Jones, has been reported missing since June 14. Her parents had last seen her at this home on Whopping Creek Church Road in Carrollton. She has been missing since then and needless to say, her family is worried about her as she was just 16 when went missing. Some reports state that Kaylee may have been lured away by someone she met on the internet. Her parents, on another side, fear that she may have been caught by the people involved in grooming children. Catch full details of the matter here.

What Happened To Kaylee Jones Georgia Teen Goes Missing From Her Home Where Is She

Kaylee Jones’ parents, Brenda and Daniel Jones, also mentioned that their daughter has unique needs and needs to take medicine due to her diagnosis of autism and a number of other issues. Her parents observed that this left her especially open to predators. Authorities said Kaylee Jones was about 5’8″ and weighed 135 pounds, according to Crime Online. They said that she was missing her phone.

What Happened To Kaylee Jones?

The Carrollton County Sheriff stated that the inquiry is still ongoing in a press release published online. They believe Kayle Jones may have been duped by an online predator, therefore her digital past has become an important aspect of the inquiry. Authorities also mentioned that Kaylee Jones needs medical attention, which makes it even more crucial for them to find her. According to the statement from the Sheriff’s office, “Mom also suspects she might be carrying a book bag.” “a horse on a dark blue background.

She may be wearing black Converse or tennis shoes, and it may say “Mazi” or “Kaylee.” ‘The safety of their daughter is a concern for Daniel and Brenda Jones, according to an interview with Fox 5 Atlanta. “It is awful. We’re anxious. I’m afraid of where she might be “explains Brenda Jones to the station. She is very sensitive, caring, and kind. Her parents fear that she may have been taken advantage of.

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Brenda Jones claims that “she was groomed online.” “We believe she is a sex trafficking victim.” Daniel Jones continues, “She’s susceptible, kind of innocent to this things.” Her parents were blunt when asked whether they had a message for Kaylee or anyone else who might be with her. Daniel Jones commands, “Bring her home.” “She still has a lot of life to live. Let her go, please. Bring her back home so we can provide for her and, perhaps, allow her to live out the remainder of her days.”

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