What Happened to Bloody Mary Was She Real?

Who is Bloody Mary?

It is said that if you call upon the Bloody Mary, she will reveal your future. Some myths have it that if her name is repeatedly said in front of a mirror, she will appear. Bloody Mary is either a harbinger of good fortune or doom, depending on which  myth you believe.

It’s possible that real-life persons inspired the Bloody Mary, even if the story behind it is fiction. Queen Mary I of England is one of them, and so is Elizabeth Bathory, the bloodthirsty Hungarian noblewoman and terrible witch who massacred children under the name Bloody Mary. To know more about What Happened to Bloody Mary? Was She Real? keep reading.

What Happened to Bloody Mary?

Some people attribute the Bloody Mary myth to the real-life monarch of the same name. Queen Mary I of England was known as “Bloody Mary” for her role in the execution of 280 Protestants.

Mary was born to Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon on February 18, 1516, at Greenwich Palace in London. For Mary’s whole childhood, her father spent his time attempting to find a suitable male heir.

Mary’s upbringing was influenced by Henry’s want for a son. She was a teenager when her father caused a scandal by declaring his marriage to Mary’s mother invalid and incestuous because she had been briefly married to his brother. He separated from Catherine, wed Anne, and founded the Church of England.

According to Smithsonian, Mary was separated from her mother and declared a “woman” rather than a “princess.” She also flat-out denied that her father was the head of the Church of England or that her parents’ marriage had been declared null and void.

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Mary’s dad has been married twice. After he had Anne Boleyn beheaded, Jane Seymour went into labour and died. Having divorced his fourth wife, Anne of Cleves, Henry then had his fifth wife, Catherine Howard, beheaded. Henry’s sole surviving child was Catherine Parr. The mood of Henry’s life was bright. Jane Seymour gave birth to King Edward VI.

When Edward VI died, six years into his reign, he attempted to transfer power to his Protestant cousin, Lady Jane Gray. On July 5, 1553, Mary I marched her army into London. A groundswell of public opinion in favour of Elizabeth resulted in the execution of Lady Jane Gray. During her reign, Mary I was known as “Bloody Mary.”

Who Is Bloody Mary Based On?

Depending on what sort of spectre you picture peering back at you, the answer will vary. Is England’s Queen Mary I a withering flower that basked in the blood of martyred protestants, or what? Was Mary, Queen of Scots, a headless, skinny monarch? Or how about Bloody Mary Bathory, who bathed in the blood of young women?

You wouldn’t want to face any one of them even in a candlelight bathroom mirror, let alone in a dark alley.

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