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By selecting and inviting additional artists to join the site and mint NFTs, we are embracing a creator-first, community-led approach. Making a profile does not guarantee that you will be able to mint NFTs. Read on to discover more about how invitations operate.

Thanks to the internet, an artist may post, disseminate, and garner millions of likes for a digital artwork—but how can they profit from that virality? We want to live in a world where digital creators may gain from their incredible work in many ways. That is why we are ecstatic to be able to support NFTs for digital art.

Once you’ve received and accepted a creator invitation, you’ll be allowed to manufacture NFTs. We’re here to assist you through the process of selling your artwork as one-of-a-kind digital art NFTs while also establishing a new collector base. To begin, here are some definitions:

NFTs, or non-fungible currencies, are perhaps expressions that symbolize a singular object or value, such as photo editing. NFTs can be bought off for consumers to bet on or purchase, and the sale of NFTs creates new sources of revenue for artists.

The Ethereum blockchain is an immutable and tamper-proof public ledger. Your digital work becomes a part of it by minting an NFT. NFTs are tokens that, like metal coins, are “minted” after they get created. Your digital artwork is represented as an NFT, allowing it to be bought and traded on the open market and digitally tracked when resold or collected in the future.

What is the procedure for creating an NFT?

You can start minting NFTs once you’ve become a Foundation creator and have an Ethereum wallet. Before tokens, we strongly advise all authors to confirm their Twitter accounts.

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The NFTs you create on Foundation will be immediately linked to your wallet, giving you complete control over your funds. You’ll need ETH (the cryptocurrency used for all Ethereum transactions) and a wallet before you begin.

Connect your Foundation wallet to your Foundation account.

Click “Connect Wallet” on the foundation app.

When you connect your wallet, your Foundation profile will be active, and you will be able to add a photo and links to your social network profiles. That is your chance to express yourself and give potential collectors an idea of who you are.

What are the technical requirements for creating an NFT, and how to do it?

By clicking the ‘Create’ button in the upper-righthand corner, you can begin the process of minting an NFT.

You’ll then get sent to the “Create an NFT” page. You have the option of uploading a JPG, GIF, SVG, or PNG picture, a video file in MP4 format, or a 3D file in GLFT or GLB.

Create a new piece of art.

Please provide a file no more than 50MB in size in JPG, PNG, or MP4 format. Width of 3000px is appropriate for still photos. The greatest video resolutions are 1080p or 4K. This file will get gently compressed separately for use on our website. On Foundation, we’ve discovered that landscape or square components appear best.

Your files will be instantly delivered to IPFS when you’ve uploaded an artwork (InterPlanetary File System). What exactly does this imply?

We don’t keep your artwork or payments on a centralized server because Foundation is a non-custodial platform. Instead, all work gets stored on IPFS, a peer-to-peer hypermedia standard for distributed data sharing.

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When you upload artwork, it gets mapped to a token on the blockchain in a canonical version that cannot be modified. The file is then stored on IPFS, assuring its long-term availability.

Give your document a title and a description.

This section should include any background information, exhibition history, or other intriguing components. Collectors want to know everything there is to know about your creative process. Check the details of your work before signing your NFT. After you’ve minted your NFT, you won’t be able to change anything.

Why can’t I edit anything about my NFT once I’ve printed it?

Once minted, an NFT exists in perpetuity on the Ethereum blockchain. The Ethereum blockchain is more secure and impossible to manipulate since all transactions recorded on the blockchain are irreversible and tamper-proof. You can burn the token and permanently delete it if you want to upgrade your NFT. To avoid having to burn an NFT, use extreme caution during the minting procedure.

Mint your NFT

Check to make sure the artwork file, title, and description are all correct. Click the “Mint NFT” button after you’re finished.

Sign your NFT

The transaction will be “Signed” by your wallet. You can authenticate your purse in the same manner that a painter signs a canvas. When you sign your artwork, the NFT is permanently linked to your unique Ethereum address and wallet, allowing collectors to verify that the work is yours—and ensuring that you get identified as the original artist who receives royalties.

Approve the gas.

To complete the minting, you’ll need to approve a gas fee in your wallet. Gas costs are the cost of interacting with the Ethereum blockchain; they are not fees that the Foundation has created or collected in any way. Are you unsure what this means?

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Wait for your NFT to get minted.

When you sign your NFT and pay the gas fee, the minting process begins. Our smart contract will use code to deploy your artwork to the Ethereum blockchain while you wait. To see the status of the minting process and get an estimate, go to Etherscan and click “View on Etherscan.”

Minting twice is a bad idea.

We strongly advise against minting the same NFT or pressing the “Mint NFT” button several times while you wait for your transaction to complete. While your NFT gets created, please be patient. If you submit many transactions, your wallet will become backed up with transactions waiting to be confirmed.

Complete minting

You will be able to see your newly created NFT on your profile once the transaction has to get validated.

Find the NFT you want, submit a bid, win the auction, and the token will be sent to your wallet immediately! You can bid on any NFTs in the Binance marketplace using any of these cryptocurrencies. You can now own one-of-a-kind digital objects that you can keep, sell or trade as you see fit.

This is all about it!! Feel free to connect with us in the comment section below.

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