A group of seasoned technologists gets dedicated to developing the next generation of software tools for the title and escrow sector. They are now a part of Fluid, an independent technology firm to the real estate experience by feeding transactions with data and insights that help them flow smoothly from beginning to end. They’ve been in this business for more than two decades, so they know what it takes to keep closing, lenders, brokers, buyers, and sellers satisfied. As a result, their goods get designed to Processes should be simplified. Make usability a top priority. Data accessibility should get improved. Boost communication Ensure that each transaction is secured.

Vodii, a technology business producing the next generation of software solutions for the title and escrow sector, announced that it acquired unique core technology and related assets from the top independent technology company fuelling digital real estate transactions. Fluid’s solution suite will get enhanced by Vodii’s technologies, which will help clients create a better user experience that meets today’s on-demand demands.

A Brief Overview of Vodii

Vodii, together with its partner Nyaas, LLC, is a software firm founded by a group of devoted technologists who think that the future of technology in the title and escrow industry will get built on security, efficiency, and a simplified user experience. The TxM Software Suite, Vodii’s main product, is a white-labeled, SaaS-based web-based transaction management tool designed to streamline and secure communication between closing agents and other players in a real estate transaction. TxM provides an easy-to-use platform for all parties to collaborate, exchange information, and securely finalize deals.

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How Vodii become a part of Flueid?

Fluid has spent the last four years developing independent digital solutions that assist real estate transactions efficiently from start to finish. Vodii has a long history of connecting all stakeholders in the transaction workflow by integrating with back-end production platforms. The companies are unifying the title closing and escrow processes to speed up production and the entire transaction schedule by combining their expertise.

According to Peter Bowman, Flueid co-founder and CEO, “Our teams at Flueid and Vodii have long partnered to create integration and streamline workflows for title agents, real estate professionals, and more through our Flueid Pro product.” “By bringing Vodii on board, we’re enhancing our collaboration and driving product innovation to fulfill our promise of connecting every transaction milestone to fuel smarter decision-making and simplify the closing process for everyone.”

“We’re working forward towards a scenario in which our merchants, and eventually customers, can anticipate a genuinely quick closing time from the outset of the specified period in exchange.” “The combining of Flueid and Vodii’s expertise will effectively equip us to combine each stage in the property investment life span and achieve those goals,” said Peter Richter, Flueid’s co-founder, and President.

Vodii’s tools and teammates, as part of Flueid, are expected to bring immediate value to Flueid clients by driving integration with major operating systems for faster closings, lower costs, and a better overall transaction experience.

“Vodii and Flueid have the same goal in mind: to make real estate as simple as possible. That’s why, as founder and CEO of Vodii, Matt Regan noted. “We’ve to get focused on creating creative software environments that make data more accessible and communication more smooth, all while removing duplicative processes.” “By working together, we’ll be able to achieve new heights in developing the most efficient and productive process available.”

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Vodii is now a member of the Flueid product development and engineering team, and the acquisition is effective immediately.

About Flueid

Flueid’s objective is to make the tedious real estate process more fluid by harnessing data and insights to power deals from start to finish. The company’s purpose is to rethink and digitalize the process rather than eliminate vital functions or best practices. Flueid has partnered with mortgage lending, servicing, settlement service, FinTech, and PropTech companies to develop a universal, patent-pending digital solution for every market sector along the real estate journey. Flueid is powering every aspect of the real estate transaction to provide immediate certainty to our clients and shorten the time it takes to finish it.


That’s all about the company details. We hope the guide has helped you understand Vodii company in a better way. The capability of the Flueid solutions portfolio is supplemented and enhanced by Vodii’s premier software package. The acquisition helps to realize the goal of an agonistic real estate transaction that connects smoothly with systems for the most efficient workflow.


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