In a new update, available for both Android and iOS, Twitter users will be able to embed multiple media types within a single message.The firm has announced that it is enabling users to combine multiple media kinds into a single Tweet. Before now, anyone who wanted to share more than one type of media did so in separate Tweets or threads.

In April, reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi was the first to notice the new feature.

In a blog post published late Wednesday, the firm announced that “this capability will roll out internationally to iOS and Android,” giving users on both platforms the ability to view Tweets that incorporate images and videos.

How to combine videos, GIFs, and images in single tweet on twitter

The Tweet composer has been updated so that users can add up to four different forms of media at once for publication. These media categories include images, memes, GIFs, and videos.They can change the order of their media files as they compose their Tweet, the microblogging service added.

To begin incorporating many types of media into your tweets, “tap the photo icon in the Tweet composer”

For example, if you include both an image and a video, you’ll see that they appear next to one another.

In the event that you add more than two media files, such as an image, a video, and a GIF, the layout will automatically change to a grid. However, it appears that at the moment, Twitter users can only combine a maximum of four different types of media.

In addition to letting users attach multiple files to a single tweet, Twitter has begun rolling out a vertical video experience similar to Instagram Reels to iOS users in select locations where Twitter Blue is available.

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Twitter is currently working on a number of new features. One of these is an expanded set of status options for labelling user-created content. This choice was previously limited to a subset of US users, but the corporation has plans to roll it out to Australian customers as well.

Furthermore, the Edit button has begun rolling out to users in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand on Twitter. This function is currently restricted to Twitter Blue users only. An updated video carousel can be seen in the Explore section of Twitter. The new section will be titled “Videos for you.” To users, it will present a curated list of the most watched and discussed videos online right now.

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