Are you ready for the return of Tulsa King? The second season of the hit series is just around the corner and fans can’t wait to see what’s in store. Tulsa King has quickly become a fan favorite, with its gripping plot lines, dynamic characters, and diverse cast. In this article, we will be exploring the plot of the upcoming season, the new characters that will be joining the cast, and discussing the show’s impact. So, let’s dive in and see what Tulsa King season 2 has in store!

Tulsa King season 2 Renewed Or Cancelled ?

To all of the Tulsa King’s loyal followers: Good Times! Another Taylor Sheridan series has been renewed by Paramount+. There will be a second season of the Sylvester Stallone starrer on the streaming service. On November 30, 2022, Variety broke the news that Paramount+ had renewed the first season of “Tulsa King” for a second season. The sitcom premiered on the streaming site on November 13th, thus the renewal follows its first success there. Premiered on Paramount Network on November 20 after a new episode of Yellowstone. It was the most watched new linear cable launch of 2022, with 3.7 million people tuning in.

Chris McCarthy, president and chief executive officer of Paramount Media Networks and MTV Entertainment Studios, made the swift announcement of the extension. He says that the show’s “mastermind,” Taylor Sheridan, is largely responsible for the show’s success and, ultimately, the creator’s growing reputation on the rapidly expanding streaming network. According to Paramount+, Tulsa King’s premiere generated the most subscribers in the network’s brief history and made it the highest-rated streaming pilot of the year. McCarthy claims that Sly’s new TV show, which is a “bag,” has drawn more viewers than HBO’s House of Dragons, which is saying something given the latter’s preexisting fandom.

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Tulsa King Season 2 release date 

On January 8th, the final episode of Season 1 was released. The show’s first season was announced in December 2021, shot over the summer of 2020, and premiered in November 2022. We estimate that Season 2 will premiere in November 2023 based on the first season’s release calendar and the fact that Taylor Sheridan projects tend to move rapidly and usually keep to annual release schedules. At some point in the future; probably not any time soon (but still Sooner).

Tulsa King Season Expected cast

Check out the potential cast members of the forthcoming season.

  • Sylvester Stallone as Dwight “The General” Manfredi
  • Max Casella as Armand Truisi
  • Domenick Lombardozzi as Don Charles “Chickie” Invernizzi
  • Vincent Piazza as Vince Antonacci
  • Jay Will as Tyson
  • A.C. Peterson as Pete “The Rock” Invernizzi
  • Andrea Savage as Stacy Beale
  • Martin Starr as Lawrence “Bohdi” Geigerman
  • Garrett Hedlund as Mitch Keller
  • Dana Delany as Margaret
  • Annabella Sciorra as Joanne
  • Ronnie Gene Blevins as Ben Hutchins

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