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In this Apple original comedy, we get to watch the hilarious antics of Nikki and Jason as they strive to start a family but run into a lot of problems along the road. The third season centres on their efforts to foster Princess and Tyler, a sibling pair.

Strange circumstances mean that the foster parents only have a little time to adjust to their new role as primary caregivers before a judge rules on the children’s permanent placement.  Next week’s season finale will see the judge’s final adoption judgement; will they be able to keep Princess and Tyler, or will they be found incapable of caring for the siblings after all?

Is there going to be a another season of Trying? Learn more about Season 4 of Trying release date, cast and much more..

Trying Season 4 Release Date and Renewal status

The British comedy series Trying, developed by Andy Wolton for Apple TV+, was just confirmed for a fourth season before the third season finale on Friday, September 2, 2022.  The sitcom was easily renewed for an another season thanks to positive feedback from audiences and reviewers to the show’s characters and story curves since the premiere of the third season.The official Twitter handle of Apple TV+ also revealed the renewal status, quoting,

“#Trying will return for Season 4, only on Apple TV+”

The release date for Season 4 of Trying has not been announced just yet, but that is likely because production on Season 4 has just begun. It will take time for the writers to complete the season’s script and for the cast to introduce any new characters.

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We can hope that  the Trying Season 4 Release Date will be somewhere in 2023 or 2024 calender.Often airing between 26 and 30 minutes every episode. The storyline is likely to develop further from the season three finale, which set up the foundation for the current season.

Trying Season 4 Rating

The first season received an average rating of 7.3 out of 10 on review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes, with 86% of 22 critics giving it a favourable review. All 13 reviews for Season 2 have been extremely good, giving it an average score of 8.4 out of 10. We can expect that the rating of Trying Season 4 will be very good.

Are there any Trying Season teaser trailers available?

There are no new trailers or teasers for Season of Trying because the show was just renewed. Meanwhile, you can 
catch up on everything that’s happened so far this season by watching the official Season trailer below.

Trying Official Synopsis

“All Nikki and Jason desire is a baby—the one thing they can’t have,” reads the official Apple TV+ summary. The couple ultimately chooses to become adoptive parents. Will they be able to start the family they’ve always wanted despite their crazy lifestyles, dramatic families, and wacky friends ?

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