What Does It Mean That the TRON Ecosystem Will Merge With the HECO Chain? After discussing his Huobi Token investment, Justin Sun made another choice on the merger of Tron and Heco.

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According to Tron’s creator, the Tron and BitTorrent chain ecosystems will now collaborate with the Heco developers. Sun had previously disclosed on a Friday that he holds tens of millions of Huobi Tokens (HT). The news of the Heco merger was met with approval by the Tron community. The value of one Tron (TRX) token increased by more than 4% in less than an hour.

Where Can I Find Out More About Heco Chain?

HECO Chain (Heco) is a public blockchain that is decentralised, high-efficiency, and energy-saving, with the goal of facilitating developer evolution throughout all stages. It allows for fast and secure financial transactions and works with smart contracts. Since Heco’s native token is Huobi Token, it makes sense for it to be integrated into the Tron ecosystem. The token price increased dramatically earlier in the day after Justin Sun made public the size of his Huobi token holdings.

For a long time, engineers have been working on the Tron Heco merge programme, which is part of a bigger mission to link up multiple chains. The team stated their intention to support Heco chain at the time of the launch of the BitTorrent Chain testnet last year. Justin Sun has stated that the ecosystem will pool resources to gather all Heco developers to collaborate on projects using the TRON and BitTorrent chain.

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We’re going to combine the Heco and TRON ecosystems. To incentivize all Heco engineers to work together on TRON and BitTorrent Chain, we will invest a suitable sum. Let’s get to work!

A Strategy for Recovery

Huobi Global’s new advisory group recently welcomed Justin Sun. Sun subsequently declared intentions to resurrect the cryptocurrency exchange via brand enhancement, employee engagement, and commercial partnerships. A recent leadership shift at Huobi prompted the company to initiate the revitalization effort. Leon Li, the exchange’s creator, recently sold the majority of the company to About Capital Management of Hong Kong. CoinMarketCap reports that the price of a Huobi Token right now is $7.74, representing an increase of 6.80% over the previous 24 hours. Tron (TRX) is currently trading at $0.06391, an increase of 7.21 percent in the last 24 hours.

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