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Tom Holland, who stars in the MCU, and his girlfriend Zendaya are more in love than ever. His childhood girlfriend Elle Lotherington, English actress Nadia Parkes, and childhood friend Olivia Bolton are just some of the pretty girls he had dated in the past.

Tom has taken a protective stance when it comes to answering questions about his relationship with his Spider-Man co-star. After he and Zendaya both denied the allegations of a relationship in 2017, they were caught kissing in a car in July of 2021. Consequently, numerous pictures of the pair ostensibly confirming their relationship inundated the internet.

Tom Holland Dating history, Ex-Girlfriends

Elle Lotherington in 2017

Tom and Elle were romantically involved in his early years as a professional. Up to their apparent breakup in 2017, they shared a lot of PDA photos on social media.

Ella Purnell in 2017

Tom and Ella’s closeness during a party in 2017 sparked dating speculations. But it’s not clear if anything further happened between them after that.

Olivia Bolton in 2019

In July of 2019, photographs were taken of Tom cuddling close to Olivia while also holding her hand. In April of the next year, 2020, there were reports circulating on the internet that they had broken up.

Nadia Parkes in 2020

The relationship between the actor and Nadia was first mentioned in an article from the Daily Mail in May of 2020. When Tom posted a picture of Nadia to his Instagram account in July of that year, it gave the appearance that he was confirming their connection. Things between them deteriorated at some point in time, and eventually they decided to end their relationship.

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Who is Tom Holland Dating now?

At the moment, he and Zendaya are having the time of their lives. Tom and Zendaya’s friendship has been the subject of romantic speculation for years, despite denials from both parties.

Zendaya told Variety in August 2017 that she and the actor were “friends.” “He’s a really cool guy. One of my closest buddies is him. I can’t even count the number of months we’ve spent on joint press trips. There aren’t many individuals your age who can relate to that.

Tom, on the other hand, told Elle in June 2019 that he is not dating the former Disney star since he is “absolutely a relationship person.” In addition, he stated, “I’m not the transient sort at all; it’s not my way of life.”

Tom and Zendaya’s relationship is out in the open, despite their previous denials.

Photographs of Zendaya and Holland kissing in a car in Los Angeles in June 2021 revealed the couple’s four-year romance. The next day they were spotted out on the town for a romantic meal for two. Holland discussed the lessons he learned about stardom from Zendaya in a 2021 interview with GQ. She was “crucial to my sanity,” he stated. “She’s fantastic at setting a positive example for young people of both sexes. Can I have a picture? is a question that can be asked at any time, and there is never a bad time to oblige. Whereas at first I was like, “Why are you talking to me?” Don’t bother me.’ The 2021 photo of him and Zendaya kissing, which he called an invasion of his “private,” was also brought up in conversation. One of the drawbacks of our popularity, he explained, is that “privacy isn’t really in our hands anymore,” and what would have been an intimate moment between two individuals is now broadcast to the entire world. The reason he’s so adamant about protecting his privacy is that he already opens up so much about his life to the public. We felt like our personal space had been invaded.

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