TikTok 321 Bang Handstand Challenge Explained What Is It And Why Is It Trending

Every now and then, several trends go viral on TikTok. The latest trend that has become the topic of interest among everyone is the 321 Bang handstand challenge. It going viral on the popular video-sharing platform like wildfire. While many already know about the viral challenge, many are confused. Searches related to the trend have flooded the internet. Do you also happen to share the same interest and curiosity about this trend? Well, this article is for you. Check out what is this challenge and why is this trending on TikTok.

TikTok 321 Bang Handstand Challenge Explained What Is It And Why Is It Trending

The trend has taken over the video-sharing platform by storm. Every other user is making a video on it and is posting it on their respective accounts. Due to this reason, it has become one of the most trending topics on TikTok. You must be wondering what is this 321 Bang. Well, it is a challenge that features the users attempting to perform a handstand trick along with a TikTok sound of the words 3, 2, 1, Bang.

What Is TikTok 321 Bang Handstand Challenge?

With every new word, the users need to perform a new step. It looks quite interesting and this is the reason why it has grabbed a lot of people’s interest. Discussing the trend, the users start putting one foot high on a wall. They go ahead to twist around and then plant their hands in front of their other foot that still happens to be on the ground. When the word ‘bang’ is played, they take the leg which is on the ground and swing it over their respective heads.

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It results in them getting a handstand split position. Users have been impressed by the challenge ever since it went viral on the platform. People have come forward and have created several videos that are attempting to perform the challenge. However, the 321 Bang challenge looks quite interesting but it is definitely not easy. Several people are sharing their experiences upon trying the challenge claiming it is not as easy as it seems to be. Various funny memes and posts have flooded social media too.

One user wrote that their toxic trait is that they think they can do this challenge when they clearly can’t. Another one questioned how people are even doing splits and if they knew how to do splits before. Plenty of reels and videos on the 321 Bang handstand challenge have gone viral on TikTok. It is no doubt to state that it is gaining a lot of attention from the people.

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