The top ten gluten-free restaurants in the US

Do you want to discover which US restaurants serve the best gluten-free food?

The top ten gluten-free restaurants in the US with famous cuisines that not only provide outstanding gluten-free items but have mastered them are listed below. This is valid whether you’ve chosen to avoid gluten to improve your health or whether you have Celiac disease or an allergy. You don’t need to use wheat or other gluten-containing ingredients to make your favourite foods, including fried fish, deep-dish pizza, and real Italian cuisine. According to a map search, these are the best gluten-free foods available in the US.

Chicago, Illinois’s Wheat’s End Cafe

At the aptly named Wheat’s End Cafe, indulge in pancakes, biscuits, chicken, and waffles—all the “no-nos”—without any guilt. For foodies who follow a gluten-free or Celiac diet, brunch is once again a go. Cinnamon rolls, biscuits and gravy, and more typical gluten-free options like omelettes can satisfy all of your breakfast cravings.

Bistro + Bakery Mason Dixon

Visit the entirely gluten-free Mason Dixon Bakery + Bistro in Huntsville, Alabama! After learning that she had Celiac Disease, Dr. Ashley Ramirez and her husband Taylor founded this company. Mason Dixon is renowned for its welcoming environment and delectable sweets. Food allergies are taken into account, and Mason Dixon is dedicated to using high-quality ingredients.
Consider visiting the U.S. Space + Rocket Center after dining at Mason Dixon to learn more about the origins of the American space programme while viewing space artefacts,historical images, and engaging in simulators.

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New York, Senza Gluten

Senza gluten in New York is one of the best places to stay and eat, allowing gluten-free diners to fall in love with Italian food once more. They’ve discovered foods like pizza, a fantastic lasagna, a variety of pasta, and time-honoured treats like tiramisu that can once again touch lips. Many people who are unable to eat gluten-free exclusively elsewhere end up dining here.

Burning Brothers Brewing

The slogan of this brewery from St. Paul is, “Burning Brothers, gluten-free from grain to glass.” Burning Brothers is able to brew excellent beer that is not tasteless despite being gluten-free because they only use grains that are completely free of wheat, barley, or rye. Burning Brothers, a brewery founded by siblings, recognised a market for beer that catered to both those following a gluten-free diet and beer enthusiasts. One of the founders has Celiac Disease.
Visit one of the fantastic arcades in the Twin Cities while you’re there! Heroic Goods + Games is one of our favourites. When you enter this family-owned store that specialises in board games, card games, retro video games, and other vintage offerings, you’ll feel comfortable and nostalgic.

Zest Kitchen & Bar – Salt Lake City, Utah

This is a plant-based, gluten-free bar and lounge. Nearly everything is fresh and organic. From hazelnut chickpea pancakes for brunch to nachos with cashew ginger sour cream, everything has a healthy twist.
The memories you create here with your friends and coworkers will be cherished

Just Be Kitchen – Denver, Colorado

American cuisine without gluten is served in the cheerful breakfast, lunch, and dinner lounge known as Just Be Kitchen. They promise to serve comfort food made in a mindful kitchen. Favourites like burritos, burgers, pancakes, and cocktails are all available on their menu.

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Pingala Café

Along with tonnes of fresh produce, delectable smoothies, and lots of coffee, this entirely vegan café also offers a tonne of gluten-free options. Pingala Café is dedicated to providing gluten-free options alongside everything vegan. This Vermont Green Restaurant has vowed to serve ethical food while reducing its carbon footprint!
Eaten and relaxed at Pingala Café enough? Go on a well-known Vermont hike! Centennial Woods Area is something we advise. This 65-acre nature preserve, which is less than 10 minutes drive from the city centre, has forests, streams, and open meadows as well as hiking trails and raised boardwalks. Without having to leave the city, it’s the ideal location to enjoy the outdoors!

Points Local – San Antonio, Texas

Points Local is a hip, unpretentious, and gluten-free restaurant in San Antonio, Texas. Without worrying, savour a traditional breakfast or order a local dinner bowl topped with lime, cumin, avocado, and greens. One of Texas’ top places to eat without gluten is here.
Another aspect of Points Local that you will appreciate is that it won’t break the bank.

Risotteria Melotti Nyc, Newyork

Visit Rissotteria Melotti if you’re in the mood for some delectable Italian food. This menu’s inventive risotto dishes feature seasonal ingredients like pancetta, black truffle sauce, and wild boar ragu. Make homemade burrata cheese to go with it, or save room for rice flour. Rice flour, rice sponge cake, and Nutella crepes

Gluten Free Goat

In order to provide more options for people with dietary restrictions, Gluten Free Goat first opened its doors in 2017. The bakery focuses on obtaining local, seasonal, and organic ingredients whenever possible and is entirely gluten-free and vegan. Visitors can drop by for a tasty snack or a healthy lunch. Need a specific thing? Chef Jeanette will collaborate with you to create a special order that will turn heads.

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Additionally, you could use Uber Eats to find nearby restaurants that serve gluten-free food. Just remember to let the restaurant know about your allergy and let them know that nothing, not even contamination, is acceptable.


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