Solana is a project that earns money by moving on. Solana was able to see the governance token GMT rise to 35 percent in April, beating the market for crypto.

The token has stabilized after hitting record highs in April. However, it seems to have started the month with a bang. GMT has risen 1.1 percent over the past 24 hours to $3.53.

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The gains of GMT through April saw it make its way into the top 50 cryptocurrencies according to market capitalization. The majority of the excitement about GMT is due to its possible partnership with top sports retailers.

The growing popularity of the move-to-earn model will boost the token’s value.

Solana set for significant gains?

The Solana team has laid out several strategies to improve its engagement and growth on its platform. This past Sunday, the Solana project began the fourth phase of its beta for public use, including an airdrop.

The project may also draw the attention of large sports brands. The project was announced in April. Solana joined forces with shoemaker Asics to create an NFT collection on Binance.

This GMT token was recently added by the top exchanges Coinbase and Gemini. NFT marketplace OpenSea allows the trading of sneakers NFTs from STEPN, which is an essential element of the plan.

GMT now has an estimated market value of $2 billion, and it appears to be a bit less expensive than other players within the top 50 crypto space on a price basis. When paired with a robust growth plan, its relatively reasonable cost can propel the price of the token up.

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Other tokens that earn money are also rising:

Although Solana is the most popular move-to-ear venture, the tokens’ gains have led to the purchase of many similar projects.

The data from Coinmarketcap confirms that this is the second-best performing token category in the last 24 hours. Other top move-to-earn projects are from 3% to 40% in the previous 24 hours.

Notably, the augmented real-time token Dotmoovs (MOOV) increased by 34% over the last 24 hours.

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