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For a long time, Tesla stock (NASDAQ: TSLA) has been on fire. Its stock price increased by 695 percent in 2020, making Elon Musk the world’s richest person. The stock value of Tesla Motors gets included in US indices such as the NASDAQ and the S& P 500 Index.

Following a period of consolidation that began in January 2021, the corporation appears to be on track to enhance its positions.

Tesla Stock Forecast 2025: Price Predictions by Experts

The average 12-month price forecast, based on the opinions of 23 analysts, is $828.05, with a maximum prognosis of $1,400.00 and a minimum estimation of $160.00.

In analyst recommendations, 9 out of 22 analysts still recommend a strong buy. Three analysts recommend a purchase, eight analysts are unsure about the future price direction and advise keeping stocks. None of the experts suggests selling, and two analysts propose a strong sell.

  • Ryan Brinkman, JP Morgan

JP Morgan analyst Ryan Brinkman maintained his heavy sell rating but lifted the price objective to $160 from $155. This forecast is quite gloomy for Tesla stock.

  • Patrick Hummel, UBS

UBS’ Patrick Hummel is likewise pessimistic about Tesla’s future pricing. The rating is to hold, even though his target price of $660 is lower than the previous projection of $730.

  • Jed Dorsheimer, Canaccord Genuity

Canaccord Genuity’s Jed Dorsheimer is more upbeat about expected stock growth. The analyst remains a strong buy recommendation, with the average price target set higher than the previous projection ($1,040 vs. $940).

  • Colin Langan, Wells Fargo

Colin Langan of Wells Fargo recommends holding the stocks, citing a price of $860.00 this year (up from $660.00 last year).

  • Dan Levy at Credit Suisse

Credit Suisse’s Dan Levy predicts a price of $830 but advises investors to keep their positions. As a result, Tesla shares may not be the best investment.

According to a recent Tesla press release, the company sold 241,300 automobiles worldwide in the third quarter. So far this year, 627,300 vehicles have been delivered. As a result, the corporation surpassed the previous high of 499,550 achieved the last year. These sales volumes have increased by 73% year over year (YoY) and 20% quarter over quarter (QoQ).

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When we look at Tesla’s growth over the last three years, we can see that sales have climbed at a 21.1 percent CAGR from $21.46 billion in 2018 to $31.54 billion last year, while deliveries have surged at a 42.4 percent CAGR. Furthermore, the company’s results have increased in the first semester of 2021 compared to the same period in 2020, thanks to reduced comps and larger sales volumes.

Tesla’s stock surged in value more than any other in 2020. Elon R. Musk, the company’s CEO, caused no harm. He may now call himself the world’s richest man thanks to his Tesla stock.

Tesla, of course, isn’t the only company with problems. Despite the increased sales, the average price of Models 3 and Y fell by 6% as the company had to sell more of the less expensive Models 3 and Y and fewer of the more Models S and X. The company’s wealth got also impacted by the depreciation of Bitcoin, which resulted in a $51 million impairment charge.

TSLA stock forecast for next three months

Making a Tesla stock projection for the next three months on a daily timeline is more convenient. Let’s do a more in-depth look into Tesla. After imposing a grid of Fibonacci channels on the price movement vector and separating the entire trend lifetime into numerous conditional phases, five zones can get identified:

  • Zone 1 is the beginning and end of the local bullish trend.
  • Zones 2 and 4 are the consolidation phases.
  • Zone 3 is a fertile ground. At this time, the predicted stock price for Tesla is high. This zone looks to be sliding between the cracks in the price structure.
  • The overbought zone, as well as bullish trend highs, are included in Zone 5.

The MACD curves are near the zero line, and the angle of movement is slight. At the same time, the Tesla price history chart shows the divergence in connection to the growing price, indicating that the positive potential is fading.

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Buyers will almost certainly be unable to stay above 725 USD, and the market will revert to the first zone. As a result, Tesla’s future worth could get trapped between 650 and 750 dollars.

It isn’t going to last long. An escape from the triangle might happen as early as the end of November, which could act as a catalyst for larger-scale movements. There is currently tension on the boundary between the first and second zones.

Tesla Stock Price Forecast: 2022 – 2023

If analysts’ expectations for 2021 come true, Tesla stock will continue to rise in 2022.

Wallet Investor

The beginning price for January 2022 is $1,053.420, while the closing price for December is $1,418.220, according to Wallet Investor’s Tesla stock predictions. Although the source’s volatility estimate has to get raised, the highest difference between the minimum and maximum prices is roughly $37. The overall level of volatility isn’t high.

The upward trend will likely continue in 2023. The price will rise to $1,789.230 from $1,424.070 at the start of the year (closing December price). There will be little volatility.

The Economy Forecast Agency

In terms of the coming year, the Economy Forecast Agency is upbeat. Price will continue to climb at a steady rate. In December 2022, the closing price was $1,670. According to the insider, 2023 looks even brighter for Tesla stocks. The expected stock price for the end of November is 2,678 US dollars, despite the website only providing estimates for the first eleven months of 2023. In April 2023, the $2,000 mark will get surpassed.

Long-Term Tesla stock Price Prediction: 2025-2030

Musk’s firm might grow significantly over the next five years.

Wallet Investor

According to Wallet Investor, the opening price will be $2,168.610 at the start of 2025. December’s closing price was $2,539.390. The range of volatility will get maintained. The forecast is limited for the first eleven months of 2026, according to the source. The starting price in January 2026 is $2,540.760, while the ending price in November is $2,860.060.

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Coin Price Forecast

The future of Tesla shares is looking brighter, according to Coin Price Forecast. The outlook, on the other hand, has been drastically revised. The stock price gets not expected to jump to $10,000, according to the source. The revised forecast gets based on the stock market’s poor performance in the first half of 2021.

The price will be around $3,079 at the start of 2025. By the end of the year, the rate will have risen to $3,768. The price will surpass a psychological level of $4,000 by the middle of 2026. By the end of 2027, it will have climbed to $5,080. By the year 2030, the cost will have risen to $5,781. Although the increase in value from the end of 2027 to the end of 2030 is not huge, a minor upward trend is preferable to a downward one.

Tesla, Inc (the corporation) might be worth $1.5 trillion by 2030, according to billionaire investor Ron Baron.

Please keep that such long-term forecasts are only estimates, should be speculative, and should never be used as investment advisers because they are updated daily.


The stock market price will get determined by internal characteristics such as balance sheet structure, profitability, earnings projections, the export share of turnover, innovation capacity, market position relative to competitors, and assets.

External factors such as the political and financial circumstances, and the evolution and perception of the industry in which the company operates, will influence this evolution. As a result, the investor must approach and check elements carefully. For more updates, stay tuned with us.

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