Telegram Launches Its Premium Plan For Users This Month

Telegram premium looks to be experimenting with another method for the wildly popular messaging service to generate revenue. Users that beta-tested version 8.7.2 of the iOS app for Telegram observed that there was a new feature.

The popular messaging software Telegram is working on a premium subscription that will offer additional exclusive reactions and stickers, but will initially only be available on iOS devices.

Telegram Paid Plan Release date:

In the meantime, this feature will not be available on any other platforms. The chief executive officer of the messaging app has stated that the premium version of Telegram will be released later in the month of June. Durov says that the majority of Telegram’s money doesn’t come from ads but from the people who use it.

At this time, there is no such thing as Telegram Premium. According to a story published by The Verge, users using Telegram TestFlight builds have the ability to send exploding-heart and flying ghost reactions to one another.

It would appear, however, that even the recipients of premium stickers and emojis will require Telegram Premium in order to view them. Therefore, even if you send a “Telegram Free user” a premium emoji, they will be prompted to subscribe to Telegram Premium in order to view the emoji. This is the case even if you send the emoji to a “Telegram Premium user.”

Payments using cryptocurrencies

In the meantime, Telegram has just introduced the possibility to make payments using cryptocurrencies, as stated by the Telegram Open Network (TON) Foundation.

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Users now have the ability to download Telegram’s official wallet bot, which gives them the ability to buy cryptocurrencies, trade them, and send them to other users’ wallets.

In other news, the messaging app Telegram has released a number of new features designed to enhance the user experience while also enhancing the user’s ability to maintain their privacy. These new features include an option to delete chats automatically, better settings for picture-in-picture, and a better way to set up the Bot.

Pavel Durov Statement on newly released Paid Plan

Pavel Durov, the CEO of Telegram, made the following statement in reference to the company’s newly released Telegram Paid plan: “After giving it some thought, we realized that the only way to let our most demanding fans get more while keeping our existing features free is to make those raised limits a paid option.” Because of this, we will be launching  Telegram premium this month. Telegram paid plan is a membership plan that enables users to get additional features, speed, and resources. Anyone can sign up for it. Users will also have the ability to sponsor Telegram and join an exclusive club that gets new features before anybody else.

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He went on to say that users who do not subscribe to Telegram Premium will still have access to certain of the capabilities regardless of whether or not they pay for it. According to Durov, users will have the ability to view extra-large documents, media, and stickers that have been sent by premium users, as well as tap to add Premium reactions that have previously been pinned to a message in order to react in the same manner.

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Subscription plan

Durov mentions that the subscription plan is one that “allows anyone to acquire additional features, speed, and resources.” Even though we do not yet know the specific advantages that Telegram Premium will offer over the regular app, Durov does mention that the subscription plan is one that “allows anyone to acquire additional features, speed, and resources.” Previous reports have stated that the subscription will offer exclusive animated stickers, emojis, and a bigger file-sharing limit. [Citation needed] Users that subscribe to Telegram Premium will also be among the first to receive any new features that are added to the app.

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