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Tamilnilam Tn.gov.in – tn.gov.in – Sign in to your account @ Tamilnilam Login. The official website for Patta Chitta, or the Tamil Nadu Information System on Land Administration and Management, is now called Tamilnilam. There is something you need to get a unique username and password to get into your Tamilnilam account and get all the information about your Tamil Nadu property.

The website is run by the Commissioner of Survey and Settlement, who works for the Tamil Nadu Revenue and Disaster Management Department. People and government workers use the portal for many things that have to do with land.

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Www.hscap.kerala.gov.in Login: Access, Gate HSCAP Government of Kerala 2022

Note: ணைய உலாவியின் (பிரவுசரின்) வரலாற்றை அடிக்கடி அழிக்கவும்

How To Login Tamilnilam (Revenue and Disaster Management Login)

Tamilnilam Login


To access your login account you need to enter your username and password then click login button…………

How To Tamilnilam CSC Login (Revenue and Disaster Management Login)

tamilnilam csc login


To access your login account you need to enter your username and password then click login button…………

How To Urban Tamilnilam Login (Revenue and Disaster Management Login)

Open the above link into web browser and the enter your urban login username, password and captcha to the provided column. Now Click on the login button, as you enter all the information correctly then you are into your Tamilnilam login account.

How Does Tamilnilam Login Service Works for Citizens

The portal of Tamilnilam offers an array of services to the citizens after they have logged into the portal.

  • Data on different court cases based on land and revenue.
  • Land search.
  • Crop management of any district.
  • Survey number view.
  • Information about property taxes in Tamil Nadu.
  • Application Status and other details for Chitta extract and TLR extract.
  • Field measurement details.


How Does Tamilnilam Registration Works?

Users must have their login and password handy in order to use the Tamilnilam portal. Whether you are a citizen or an employee of the department, you will acquire the login credentials exclusively through the offline office branches of Patta Chitta in Tamil Nadu and there is no such online approach for registration at the time.

After you have successfully registered by filling in the form offline, you should get your Tamilnilam login details on your email address and over SMS on your registered phone number. Visit your local Patta Chitta office if you’re having problems with your land details or any other service.

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