No matter where you are, no matter what light the sky emits, the moon is always nearby. Our only natural companion has inspired literature, art and science for thousands of years. As the number of days in the northern hemisphere increases, it becomes more difficult to see some faint stars in the sky. But our moon is still there, and we have special observations every few months.

The moon on April 26 is not only a full moon, but also a so-called super moon-the first moon of the year. To understand why this is a super moon, it is important to understand why different parts of the moon are the light of the moon at different times of the month, and there are more reasons why it is in the orbit of the moon.

When the moon is between the earth and the sun, sunlight cannot be reflected from its surface, it is a new moon. In the middle, only part of the moon’s surface reflects sunlight and gives it a different phase. In addition, the moon’s orbit around the earth is not perfectly round, but slightly compressed. oval. This means that sometimes the moon is closer to the earth than other times.

The direction of the moon closest to the earth is called perigee, and the full moon at or near the perigee is called hypermoon. This is also technically called a perigee ensemble. The opposite phenomenon-when the full moon is the furthest from the earth in its orbit-is called apogee close, or micromoon. Of course, the super moon is not a new phenomenon, but its name is quite new-the term did not appear until the 1970s.

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It is easy to see the night sky on a clear night. To view the super moon, the problem will be solved with its rise. There is a trap for the entire Super Month. In fact, the moon does not look much larger in the sky than a normal full moon. But sometimes it looks bigger as it approaches the horizon.


By Joe Nelson

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