What Channel is MBC

Have you ever heard about the MBC channel? What cannel is MBC? It is the largest TV network in North Africa and the Middle East. MBC group stands for the Middle East Television Center or Middle East Broadcasting Center. This MBC broadcasting network is currently situated in Dubai and provides people entertainment, information, and interaction. Saudi billionaire Waleed-Al-Ibrahim is the founder of MBC Group and also owner as well.

By reading this article you can easily understand what channel is MBC?  It is the leading free-to-air, Arab-based, news and entertainment channel. Satellite transmission technology first began in London in 1991, which makes MBC Group the first-ever, independent Arabic-based satellite TV station. It is currently a market leader, delivering genuine news and quality family entertainment programming to more than 135 million Arabic-speaking people globally.

Furthermore, the Middle East Television Group has recently shifted its headquarters to Dubai Media City, enabling the whole production process to be closer to its Arab viewers and attract an Arabic audience.

Origin of MBC Channel

Now look in the past to how this MBC group was founded or first started. MBC Group was first established in Insadong in December 1961, works as a private commercial broadcasting company under Broadcasting Corporation the name of Hankuk Munhwa and its first radio signal with its call letters HLKV Munhwa Broadcasting transmitted.

Moreover, tater nearly a decade after the launch of MBC1 in London, in 1991, this Broadcasting Group shifted its headquarters to Dubai Media City, United Arab Emirates. This section gives you information so that you can easily understand that What channel is MBC.

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What channel is MBC?

Here in this article, you get all information about what channel is MBC? MBC Group is currently one of the largest network groups with more than 17 leading TV channel groups. These are the channels of the MBC group which produces the region’s most compelling premium content for cinema, television, and on-demand platforms. MBC broadcasting Group also owned two FM radio stations including Panorama FM for Arabic hit music; MBC FM is for Gulf music. After reading this section of the article you understand much that what channel is MBC.

List of Channels owned by MBC Group

MBC Group channels include the following channels, the list is given below:

  • MBC1 is based on general family entertainment
  • MBC2 is for western movies
  • MBC3 includes children’s education with a mix of both local productions and western acquisitions)
  • MBC4 used as a source of entertainment for young families
  • MBC5 channel dedicated to the Maghreb by MBC Group
  • MBC VARIETY provides Western films and general entertainment
  • MBC DRAMA is generally dedicated to Arabic dramas broadcasting 24 hours
  • MBC+ DRAMA is basically a joint pay-tv channel between the contribution OSN and MBC
  • MBC ACTION broadcasts the  action-based films
  • MBC USA on “Dish Network” in the United States
  • WANASAH is for Arabic music channel based on 24/7 broadcasting
  • MBC MASR & MASR2 general for the family entertainment purpose towards the Egyptian family
  • MBC BOLLYWOOD broadcasts the Bollywood movies
  • MBC IRAQ is basically for Iraqi families based on Iraq content
  • MBC PERSIA is basically a general purpose of family entertainment content
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Here are Different MBC Channels

Did you know what channel is MBC 1?

In 1991, the MBC group launched its first channel called MBC 1. MBC 1 is the first independent Pan Arab channel that is introduced by the MBC Group, and also the first free-to-air private satellite channel. MBC1 is based on general family entertainment and in a very less time, this channel became a trusted and well-respected go-to resource for all Arabs for providing fresh entertainment programming. MBC1 provides local entertainment programming. After reading this section you understand much that what channel is MBC 1.

MBC1 prime includes:

  1. Sada Al Malaeb (daily sports show)
  2. Kalam Nawaem (weekly women’s talk show)
  3. Green Apple (health show)
  4. Style (fashion show)
  5. Al Thamina (a news show that covers sensitive and important topics in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).


MBC group launched its second channel MASR in November 2012. MASR is dedicated to Egyptian families for general family entertainment.

MBC MASR gives Egyptian viewers with refined entrainment, series, dramas, movies, documentaries, etc. MBC MASR earned huge success in a very short time, rated at a first position within the Egyptian market- after its official launch by two years. This Broadcasting Group launched the second channel MBC MASR 2 in October 2014.

Moreover, this channel is also for Egyptian families, MBC MASR2 provides the Egyptian audience with superior quality entertainment. MBC MASR2 provides a vast variety of entertainment and sports shows. Additionally, it broadcasts live coverage of some of the Egyptian league’s football matches as well.


In 2005, the MBC group launched MBC4, Which is the Arab world’s first channel exclusively, geared towards young Arab families with women’s interests at its core.

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MBC drama

MBC drama was launched in 2007 by this Group, and it becomes the first family entertainment channel. This drama channel provides 24 hours Arabic drama series.


Later with time this broadcasting Group launched many channels and MBC MAX is also one of them and it was introduced in 2008 by MBC groups. This channel broadcasts 24-hour movies, which is basically for a younger audience. MBC Group provides a family viewing experience and airs Western comedy, action, drama, and love-based movies. After reading this section of the article you understand much that what channel is MBC MAX.


In 2007, this broadcasting group introduced its Wanasah channel.  This Group channel is usually for music purposes. Wanasah is a 24/7-based music channel that mainly focuses on the Arab youth, mainly in the Gulf region. Wanasah provides a fresh and latest selection of music videos, concerts, music and lifestyle programs, and series as well.

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