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Siyakhokha login is an online portal access to City of Ekurhuleni. This is how the City of Ekurhuleni and the registered account holder will work together when the City of Ekurhuleni uses the Siyakhokha service.

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Siyakhokha Update! To be clear, the SMS Activation Code is not a password. To access your account, please enter your username and password.

Please select this option after logging in to activate your account via the SMS Activation Code given to your phone.

About Siyakhokha:

The account holder knows that by submitting their registration to subscribe to the service, they have read the Terms and Conditions and agree to be bound by them.

This agreement will start when the City of Ekurhuleni accepts the account holder’s request to subscribe to service. This will be clear when the City of Ekurhuleni sends the account holder an activation confirmation (the “commencement date”).

Siyakhokha Benefits:

  • Service Benefits
  • One-stop to receive & pay your accounts
  • Payment Benefits
  • Siyakhokha Benefits

And More

How To Login Siyakhokha Online Secure Access Portal

Siyakhokha Login

To get login access you need to follow the web page and enter your login details to get access into your account…….

How To Register @ Siyakhokha Login Portal

Siyakhokha Registration

To get sucessful register you need to follow the link and then enter all the information asked to the perovied field…… click on Submit application and system…………………..

How To Reset Siyakhokha Login Password

Forgot Username & Password?

To reset your login password you need to follow the link and then enter your registered email address to the provided…….. Click on the submit button and system will check then send you password reset link………. open the link into web browser and follow the instruction to reset your login password……….

How To Download Install And Use Siyakhokha app On Android

Forgot Username & Password?

follow the link to install the app into your Android device then click on the app icon to lanuch…….. enter your login details to get access into your Siyakhokha account………

How To Get Sucessful Siyakhoka Registration

Welcome to the page where you can sign up for Siyakhokha. To sign up for Siyakhokha, please follow the instructions below and fill out the registration form:

  1. Your first name goes before your last name.
  2. After your name/s, put your family name.
  3. RSA ID Number – your valid RSA ID number.
  4. Username: A unique name you can use to sign in to Siyakhokha.
  5. Password and Confirm Password are your Siyakhokha account’s passwords. Please type the same password twice, so that you don’t make a typo. The password must be at least six characters long and include at least one capital letter, one lowercase letter, one number, and one special character, such as!,@,#,$,%,&,*.
  6. Mobile Number / Confirm Mobile Number: This is your main Mobile Number that you check often. To avoid typos, please type the same Mobile Number in both fields.
  7. Email Address/Confirm Email Address: This is the main email you check often. To avoid typos, please type the same email address in both fields.
  8. Use EITHER Email OR Mobile Number
  9. Please note that fields with a red asterisk * are required.
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How to use Siyakhokha @ Siyakhokha Login

Access the Website Siyakhokha

  1. Register on the Siyakhokha Portal
  2. Complete the Registration Form
  3. Activate your profile via Email link or SMS Activation Code
  4. Login to the Siyakhokha Portal
  5. Update your Profile Details
  6. Link your Municipal Accounts
  7. Add your Banking Details
  8. View your Municipal Statements
  9. Make Payment for your Municipal Account (Once-Off Payment/ Recurring Debit Order/ Masterpass)
  10. View Payment History/Status
  11. View Consumption (Water/ Electricity)
  12. Log a Complaints/ Compliments

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