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If you are looking for electronic workflow and signature solutions then Signio (Your Market Gateway) has design the online secure signio login portal for you.

Signio login allow you to get the direct secure access with authorize login account and help you with the securely automate vehicle and Asset finance (VAF) and insurance process.

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How To Login Signio Online Access Portal

Signio Login Access

You need to follow the website and then enter your login details ID number and password with security image type to the provided……… click login button and…….

How To Reset Signio Login Password

Forgot Password?

On the login page you will see the link Forgot password? click here, click on it and then enter your register ID number to the provided…….. click on confirm button and system…….

Once you open the password reset page, enter your ID number and then click “Confirm” button. System will check your provided information then send you a password reset link on your register email address. Open the link and follow the instrution to reset your Signio login password.

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How To Signio Apply For Financial Institutions, Insurers and Value Added Product Suppliers

There are simple 4 steps which you had to follow

Step#1. You have to download the form  by click on the download button.

Signio Form Download

To download the Signio service application form you need to follow the download button which allow you to get the form ….

Step#2. Send your completed application form to along with a copy of your ID, a copy of your NCA card, and a letter from the Dealer Principle saying that Signio is the preferred vendor.

Optional: If you need more than one Signio Boardroom login, you should send the Multiple Boardroom Form and a copy of the Dealer Principles ID to

Step#3. Once the transaction has been processed, it is sent to the right “Value-Added Product Suppliers” (VAPS) and insurance providers for review and approval, if necessary. The Dealer codes must be approved by the different banks. We will call the Dealer principal to make sure that the confirmation can be made quickly over the phone. After that, the order is processed, and a Consultant is sent to the dealership.

Step#4. The Consultant will then be in touch to establish an appropriate time for installation and on-site training.

How To Signio VAPs Activation Guide

signio login
signio login

If you want to activate VAPs then it is very easy method of getting activated for VAPs.

Step#1. You need to download the the Vaps Activation form.

Signio VAPs Activation Form

To download the Signio VAPs Activation form you need to follow the download button which allow you to get the foam….

Step#2. Fill the Signio VAPs form and then send it to the VAPs Activator department email address “”.

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Step#3. Your Signio platform will be active in a few hours, and the Dealer VAPS will be in your inbox when that happens.

How To Get Dealership for dealers with Management Information (MI)?

Reports with a lot of information that can help with running a car dealership. Reports are already filled out and matched up with banks. Automatically made, able to be changed, and able to be exported as PDF or Excel files. There are three very helpful reports: an overview, an in-depth analysis, and an interactive graph.

  • Product bordereaux
  • Transactional summary report
  • DOC report

How To Contact Signio for Assistance

You can also use Signio contact number +27 87 359 3241/+27 87 135 3968

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