Shiba Metaverse

The Shiba Inu (SHIB) Shiba Metaverse has unveiled its long-awaited Metaverse project. The team says that this experience is immersive and will help the Shib Army expand. SHIB The Metaverse will consist of 100,595 land parcels. However, particular areas remain private.

Shiba Inu will be dropping its AAA Game Developer Studio this next week. Do you know what is Shiba Metaverse? Then check out there all the information related to it.


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SHIB Metaverse consists of over 100k land plots:

2022 was a year that saw numerous tech and cryptocurrency companies taking a step toward entering the race of Metaverse. In this case, Shiba Inu has also announced its position in the contest. The meme-coin will face directly against the virtual land created by Decentraland and the Sandbox, and others.


The team behind meme coin has chosen to name SHIB, which means the Metaverse with all of its tokens, $SHIB BONE, $LEASH will play a crucial role as the phases are released. The team has said that the SHIB community will enjoy significant interaction, future options, and new ways to get into the project as it continues to grow.


SHIB is announcing that their Metaverse will comprise 100,595 land parcels, with only 36,431 plots are unlocked in the initial phase. According to the release, the virtual world will also include four Districts that they have named: 1) Growth District, 2) Defense District, 3) District of Technology District, 4) Currencies District. In addition, the team has managed to save 15 land parcels for those who are part of the current and future developments for the development.

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Shiba Metaverse
Shiba Metaverse

SHIB decides to use ETH to determine the price of land:

It is interesting to note that The Shiba Inu has chosen Ethereum (ETH) to unlock the different levels of the Metaverse. The price is set between 0.2 ether (ETH) and 1 Ethereum. The team has stated that they’ve selected an open-ended coin, meaning they could sell them to fund the creation of the venture. SHIB clarified that the use of Shiba native coins poses an opportunity to take a risk and is not in their plans.


The Shiba Inu was the final one to leave. Shiba Inu quit ShibArmy with a different project in the works. The team has revealed that they are nearing the end of their preparations for welcoming an AAA Game Developer Studio. A statement is expected in the coming weeks.


The price of the meme-based cryptocurrency hasn’t been impacted much since the announcement, and SHIB has been up just more than 1% during the past 24 hours. It trades at an average price of $0.000028 as of press time.

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