SHIB Burn Skyrockets Over 600% In A Day

SHIB Burn Skyrockets Over 600% In A Day, let’s checkout…

According to the official Shiba Inu tracker Shibburn, the breed’s metabolic rate has increased by more than 600% in the last 24 hours.

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An already huge increase in the burn rate this month makes the recent surge in the previous 24 hours all the more alarming. Maybe this is the beginning of the Shiba Inu’s annual Christmas parade.

Major Increase in the Number of Shiba Inu Fires in a 24-Hour Period

The Shibburn website reports that 27,291,662 SHIB tokens have been burned in the previous 24 hours. A sizable portion of the Shiba Inu token supply was removed from circulation as a result of just four separate transactions.

Shiba Inu Coin

A Shiba Inu whale contributed 24,091,662 SHIB to the burn address to help reduce the oversupply of the top meme coin in the crypto business. More than 312 billion Shiba Inu tokens are still in the whale’s possession. There is evidence from Etherscan that the whale is a regular SHIB purchaser.

In recent months, a number of Shiba Inu whales have been sending SHIB tokens to an invalid address. According to the digital wallet tracker WhaleStats, SHIB has once again re-emerged as one of the ten largest assets held by Ethereum whales, as previously reported by CoinGape. Shiba Inu whales have burned millions of SHIB tokens by transmitting large amounts in a single transaction.

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shiba inu coin burn schedule

The 500 largest Ethereum whales have once again made Shiba Inu one of the top 10 most acquired coins in the previous 24 hours. Among the top 2000 holders, the Shiba Inu token market cap is over $50 million.

Will SHIB’s Value Increase?

The value of Shiba Inus has been very stable over the past day, staying around $0.000008283. The SHIB price has increased by 2% in the past week, suggesting further gains are possible.

The lowest price of SHIB in the last 24 hours was $0.00000827, and the highest price was $0.000008342. Speculators believe that the Santa Claus surge will boost Shiba Inu prices.

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