Shakwan Kelly

Watch: Shakwan Kelly Viral Video, Man Accused Of Knocking Woman & Kid To Ground Appears In Court: A video of a 40-year-old woman carrying her young child was shared online by Canadian police in Vancouver. It shows the shocking moment when they both hit the ground. The lady and her child were reportedly standing on East Pender close to Gore Avenue when she slipped and hit her head on the concrete. The youngster had several cuts and wounds. According to reports, on July 9 at around 10:45 AM they were called in response to a report of a shirtless man kicking cars and wandering through traffic.

Due to a previous incident, police were chasing Shakwan David Kelly, 27. When the man raced into their backs, the mother and the kid were both knocked to the ground. Unclothed Kelly ran ahead as astonished witnesses hastened to help the lady and kid who had been pushed to the ground. Kelly allegedly struck one car so forcefully that one of the doors was damaged. The footage of the event has been shared on Twitter by the Vancouver police.

Shakwan Kelly

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Who Is Shakwan Kelly?

According to Sergeant Steve Addison, “This attack took place in a busy neighbourhood, and around a dozen individuals watched it,” according to Castanet. We’ve spoken to a few witnesses, but we’re still gathering data, and we’d want to hear from anyone who saw or heard what happened, he said. The Vancouver police first detained him, but after accusing him of vandalism, assault, and impeding a police officer, they freed him.

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Shakwan Kelly Viral Video: CLICK HERE

Kelly failed to show up in court on July 12, which was the scheduled day. Police just learned about Kelly on Thursday, July 21. They apprehended him when a neighbour who was watching the area saw him on the news and called a Vancouver police officer. Following Shakwan Kelly release from custody on July 9, police stated they are still investigating his suspected participation in a number of offences that took place in Downtown Eastside and Chinatown that morning.

Shakwan Kelly

On Twitter, a lot of individuals voiced their thoughts and left comments on the video footage. A user wrote that it’s fortunate that Shakwan Kelly wasn’t at the wheel because the answer would have been “road rat driver with one passenger murdered child.” Why is a Twitter user being questioned by the VPD when more witnesses are being sought for an event that was clearly recorded on camera? One would think that the police should be asking witnesses for information on the whereabouts of the suspected attacker Shakwan David Kelly.

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