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How to sbi zero balance account open (State Bank Of India Account). Or, we will give you all the information about how to open an SBI JAN DHAN account sitting at home. For government services, we need a bank account. But Whenever We Go To Open SBI BANK MAIN ZERO BALANCE Account. Bank employees are often harassed.

And Bank Account Is Not Able To sbi zero balance account open. We will tell you how to open a bank account from home, and it is the Zero Balance Account State Bank Of India. So if you also want to open an SBI Zero Balance account in the State Bank Of India.

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How to Open SBI Bank Account Highlights

Article Name: Sbi Zero Account Opening

Bank: State Bank Of India

SBI ACCOUNT TTYPE: Digital Savings account Insta Savings account

Online A/C Open Mode

SBI Open Online Bank Account: SBI Yono APP


Website: Www.Onlinesbi.Com

What is SBI Zero Balance Account?

State Bank of India has introduced Zero Balance Account to provide pension service to its customers. Account-holders are not required to keep a minimum bank balance in their bank account, and this account has a zero balance. Open a Zero Balance Account through State Bank Of India to Enjoy the Benefits of Government Services.

What are the Benefits of SBI Zero Balance Accounts?

State Bank Of India offers the following services to its customers upon opening a zero balance account.

ATM Service is available for accounts with zero balance.

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There are no charges to open a zero-balance account.

You Are Given A Check Book On A Zero Balance Account.

Beneficiaries get Overdraft Facility on SBI Zero Balance Account

SBI Zero Balance Account Benefits of Government Schemes are Given In.

Documents To Open SBI Account Online?

These documents are required to open your SBI Zero Balance account.

Aadhar Card (Mobile number Linked Is Mandatory)

Pan Card / Mobile Number / E Mail ID / Internet Connections of High Quality /

A4-sized white paper (for Video KYC) / Blue Or Black Pen

What is the State Bank of India Zero Balance Account?

You can open an SBI Zero Balance Online Account.

Sbi Atm card / Passbook / cheque Book / Internet Banking / Mobile Banking / Overdraft Facility


Suppose You Are Opening An Account In the State Bank Of India. SBI will require you to use a mobile application to open a zero balance account. SBI YONO APP is the best way to open a zero balance account in the State Bank of India:

You need to download the SBI YONO app from Play Store.

You must install SBI YONO on your mobile.

You will be able to open SBI Zero Balance Account from this mobile.


Here’s how to install SBI YONO App.

The First Open Play Store in Your Mobile.

Enter SBI YONO APK In The Search Box Of Google Play Store.

Upon completion, you will see the Uno application here.

Now Click on SBI YONO App Download.

Once this is done, your SBI YONO App will be installed.

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Now, Open SBI YONO App and Open the SBI Zero Balance account.

How to Open a Zero Balance State Bank Of India Account?

These steps will be completed for your Zero Balance State Bank of India Account. You will need to follow the Step-by-Step instructions below.


Choose the New to SBI Option.

Choose Digital or Insta Account.

Choose the Apply New Option.

Enter Mobile Number.

Register Password

Complete the Aadhaar Information.

Complete your personal information.

Find out more about the PAN Card.

Enter your Income Source Information.

Enter the Nominee Details.

Choose the nearest branch.

Enter Debit Card Details.

Once you have completed the information, your SBI account will be successfully opened.

Open SBI Online Account

You can open a zero-balance account online at the State Bank of India by following these steps.

First Of All Open SBI YONO APP

After that, you will click on NEW SBI ACCOUNT here.

Now, click on SBI SAVING ACCOUNT OPEN here.

It would help if you now chose the first option, open without a branch account.

There are two options available: Instant Account Open and Instant Savings Account.

You can choose any one of these accounts that suits you best.

Click on Start A New App Here

You will need to enter your mobile number here and verify it with OTP.

After that, you will need to create a password here.

Next, you will need to verify with OTP by entering your Aadhaar number.

You will need to fill out the form successfully by completing the KYC.

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Once you have filled out the form successfully, you must complete SBI VIDEO KYC.

Your SBI Zero Balance account will be opened after a successful video KYC.


Once you have opened your SBI SAVING ACCOUNT, click here. Now you need to complete your SBI VIDEO KYC. SBI VIDEO KYC requires that you have a 4 x 5-inch piece of white paper, an original pan card or blue Aadhar Card, and a pen. Once you have completed your video KYC, click on SBI VIDEO KYC. Once you have completed your SBI VIDEO KYC, your Zero Balance State Bank Of India Account is activated.

State Bank of India Internet Banking Activate: How to Open

Your State Bank Of India Zero balance Account Has Successfully Been Opened. You will now need to activate your internet banking here. To activate SBI Internet Banking, you will need to go to the SBI Internet Banking Login page. Then, click on new user registered. Once you have filled in all your information, you must create your State Bank of India Internet Banking ID Password and create SBI Internet Banking.


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