Samsung's Frame TV 2021

Samsung, India’s No. 1 TV brand No more expressive living space, and express your own style with stunning customizable bezel options. The 43-inch bezel will make its debut this year, bringing a sense of design to a stylish compact space. Your living space matches your personal style. With the latest version of The Frame, you can customize it according to your needs.

You can “build your own TV” with two magnetic bezels in two different colors that can be easily replaced. The layout is perfectly integrated with the interior design of any home, which can make your space unique and stylish. Artistic mode: Even if the TV is turned off, the frame can give meaning to it. When you are not watching TV, you will see a black screen.

Use it as a photo frame for displaying works of art and photos (such as paper, film, or canvas).My Favorites: This photo frame allows you to easily upload and view your own photos via your smartphone using the SmartThings app or USB drive. You can also use 5 different carpet layout options and 16 different color palettes to personalize your family or travel photos.

In order to make it more realistic, slim wall bracket and invisible connection: through the slim wall bracket, the frame hangs on the wall like a real frame, looks beautiful from all angles, and fits perfectly into your room. Get rid of messy cables once and for all. A translucent cable allows you to easily connect the device to the TV.

With One Connect Box, you will eventually find a more hidden place for your TV peripherals. Samsung TV Plus-The New Line-comes with the recently released Samsung TV Plus, allowing you to enjoy streaming TV content for free through our virtual channel. Now you have multiple channels to choose from, and you can find content relevant to all your interests that are in the trend.

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