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SAG-AFTRA Condemns Alleged Mistreatment of Background Actors on ‘Tulsa King’ Set

The Screen Actors Guild-American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (SAG-AFTRA) has issued a strong statement in response to recent allegations that actor Sylvester Stallone and a director created a hostile work environment for background actors on the set of the Paramount+ series ‘Tulsa King’ in Atlanta.

Union Responds to Troubling Accusations

A SAG-AFTRA spokesperson declared,There is no place for derogatory comments towards background actors or any performers on our sets.

Although we have not been contacted directly about the incident on the ‘Tulsa King’ set in Atlanta, SAG-AFTRA remains dedicated to the safety and well-being of cast members on all productions.”

The allegations surfaced when TV writer Julie Benson shared screenshots on Twitter detailing disturbing reports from a friend who worked as a background actor on ‘Tulsa King’.

The posts accused Stallone and the director of making disparaging remarks about the extras, laughing at their weight and disabilities. Stallone allegedly requested “pretty young girls” to surround him instead.

Casting Director Resigns Over “Toxic Environment”

Rose Locke, the casting director on ‘Tulsa King’, reportedly resigned due to the “clear toxic environment” she witnessed on set. In an email, Locke said she visited the set after being informed of certain incidents and ultimately quit because of what she saw.

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However, ‘Tulsa King’ director and executive producer Craig Zisk has denied the allegations. He claims no insults were made and that the issue stemmed from Locke improperly casting extras who were considerably older than the 25-35 age range needed for a scene in a “hip, young bar.”

Zisk said the extras still did their jobs and were “polite.” He also refuted the claim that Stallone asked for “pretty girls,” noting the actor’s wife was present during filming.

Limited Union Oversight for Atlanta Production

SAG-AFTRA’s TV/theatrical agreements do not cover background actors in Atlanta where ‘Tulsa King’ is currently filming its second season. However, the union said it is prepared to offer guidance if requested.

The show, created by ‘Yellowstone’ showrunner Taylor Sheridan, premiered in November 2022 and is set in Oklahoma where the first season was filmed.

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Silence from Stallone as Controversy Brews

Sylvester Stallone, who is no stranger to controversy throughout his long career, has not yet publicly responded to the allegations. The 77-year-old actor leads the crime drama as mafia capo Dwight “The General” Manfredi, who is exiled to Tulsa, Oklahoma after serving a 25-year prison sentence.

As ‘Tulsa King continues production amid the troubling accusations, SAG-AFTRA’s forceful response sends a clear message that mistreatment of any performers will not be tolerated. The union’s commitment to ensuring safe working conditions for all its members remains steadfast.

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