Given that all of us face the prospect of long-term isolation for most of 2020, there has been a lot of discussion about the impact of anxiety, depression, and the common mental health problems of isolated people. Although they are very closely related to others, they are not mentioned at the same time. Maybe we should take care of it according to what the great poet said.

One is “too cool”, usually not affected by past injustices, perceived or unperceived, and unpleasant memories. This is what happens in meditation: it can easily grab you and give you enough PTSD dose to start a war. It’s like you’ve been in the storage closet since you are a furry boy. In short, unexplorable mental confusion may collapse and spread to all aspects of your survival, thus frustrating the future and harming your existence.

People strongly demand to maintain balance, but when the discomfort cannot be eliminated, the pain cannot be relieved, and the lost love will never come back, we will naturally think and hope to improve this situation. To a certain extent and for a period of time, this is the natural trend of mankind. Once you pass the moment you start your life, time and time are delayed, and you can see yourself firmly in the middle of thinking. Fortunately, with a little discipline, a little trust, and a lot of determination, you can overcome the trap of thinking and get out of trouble.

All of us have certain behavioral tendencies, and when we try to relax the situation, we will find these tendencies. To avoid this, we need to build healthy self-esteem. We must watch our thought development and take over our consciousness. The most powerful tool that can be used to deal with rumination is the most difficult to use, and at first glance the easiest.

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This is the ability to stay focused. Fear, panic, fear, anger, and regret are all emotions that attract you. The whirlpool of memories has almost reached the point where it feels like there is no way out. The ability to focus on the present is an acquired skill, but it is called mindfulness or mindfulness. You can control your current thoughts and feelings to fill yourself with positive energy.

By Joe Nelson

A Scottish transplant to Canada, Joe writes about tech, film, streaming, games and sometimes other things. He lives with his partner and many, many plants. You can send him things or ask why you should fill your home with photos.

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